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Probably our favourite replica coat, it looks great in reality. Anyone who sees this one instantly loves it, although they don't know it's a replica! Knee length coat with miltary style - the suede pockets, unique button loops, collar - a badass looking mens coat we just had to make this in our Italian calf leather.
Antique Brown
Replaces Standard Acetate Lining For Our 80g Valtherm Quilted Thermal Lining For Extra Warmth.

Men's Size Guide

Stylish Italian Leather Coat

The Perfect Fit


Brown Italian Calf Leather

Knee Length Coat

Luxury Lining

Military Style Patch Pockets

Two Interior Pockets






A Replica Leather Coat Unlike Any Other.

Reviews for Bane
This coat, is probably my favorite article of clothing I own, I'm not joking when I say that. It is such an incredibly versatile item, be that with causal jeans, t-shirts & hoodies, or with formal waistcoats, button ups & ties, and accessorizing is truly where the versatility shines, scarves, rings bracelets & hats, with this coat, really help one to achieve a wide array of looks, be it formal, causal, or maybe even something a little bit extra, bust always stylish. The price is about as good as any coat can have considering how well it's made, and how often it can be worn, not to mention it's made of leather. Speaking of the leather, it's perfect, it's lift enough that it will blow just right in the wind, giving you a rogue like appearance, but it's also heavy and sturdy enough, that when you put it you will feel it, however it's not long before you become accustomed to the weight of this brilliantly crafted coat. Shipping was well worth the cost as well, I received the notification it wast finished the construction phase and then 2 maybe 3 days later it was on my doorstep, within multiple layers of safety packaging and inf excellent condition, of course there is some predistrssing applied to the coat but none of it looked out of place or unnatural. I also own another jacket from them in their black lambskin, and although it's a lighter leather, without a doubt the same care has gone int its creation as well. if there is a take away from this review, it's that if you're considering buying a soul revolver jacket, just do it, there's now downside in my opinion. I mean save up money if you have bills to pay, let's be responsible hear, but if you have the rather small funds when compared to named brand prices, and you've found a particular design that speaks to you here, then soul revolver is the best place for a leather jacket in my option, period!
, US
Graham Hoffman

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