The Home of Vintage Style Leather Jackets Since 2005 began back in 2005. Our goal was to design 1970’s vintage style leather jackets. As any fan of vintage will tell you – we spend hours and hours trauling charity shops and thrift stores, and now online stores and auctions, to find true vintage fashion. Whether its shirts, blazers, jeans, shoes or in our case; leather jackets. Something stylish, and unique with interesting features. There are some amazing creations out there. The 1970’s truly was a golden age for leather jacket design.

So, you have walked for miles through countless stores in many towns and scoured the internet for the right jacket for you. On rare occassions, we get very lucky and find something similar to what we had in mind and it just happens to be in the right size! Well, kinda. The sleeves are a bit short and theres a questionable stain on the lining. Or maybe the lining has perished somewhat over the decades or the zip is broken. Never mind, its close enough, lets take it and put up with that stain, the wear and tear and the short sleeves. I mean, its a cool 1970’s leather jacket and that was the purpose of our quest!But compromise no longer! We wanted to take out the time and frustration searching through old vintage stores and began selling our own range of jackets using cowhide leather. Imagine: a true to vintage style leather jacket but brand new. The style you were looking for but with improvements to the fit and the leather. For the fit, we spent a very long time to get this right. We wanted a slim fitting jacket which is the only fit which works for an authentic looking vintage jacket but it needed to be comfortable too. The sleeves must remain slim and not loose and not too short. The torso shaped around a male physique for a flattering look. The collar to keep the curved style of the 70’s but not overly huge as if you were about to take off. More subtle but keeping the look of vintage.

Along with 1970’s vintage leather jackets, we are also huge movie geeks. Have you ever seen a jacket in a film and wished you could own it? We have, and very often. So we began studying certain movies along with stills, interviews and behind the scenes footage to create excellent replica jackets. Beginning with Fight Club, which we now sell in the original colour but also with an antiqued finish. We also added Mayhem, the motorcycle style jacket Tyler Durden wears. We moved on the other films and TV shows such as The Dark Knight Rises with our Bane replica & Bruce Waynes’ Crusader biker style jacket worn by Christian Bale and KD6-3.7’s Blade Runner 2049 coat worn by Ryan Gosling.

But back to our origin story: In the early years, we used cowhide from Pakistan. Now, we can say with confidence and experience here – if you want the best cowhide, you have to go to a country with the correct weather conditions and Pakistan has consistently given us the best cowhide quality we can find. It is extremely durable, feels great and the perfect leather for vintage style with its light sheen finish and correct thickness. The construction has stood the test of time with some of our original customers still wearing Soul Revolver jackets from over a decade ago.

On the other hand, if you are looking for beautiful, soft and luxurious, then Italy was the place to go. So, in 2011, we recut all of our styles, added many new designs to the range and began crafting designer level leather jackets in Italy, the home to luxury fashion using the finest materials Italy has to offer where the tanneries and workshops custom finish our materials. What you find at Soul Revolver is unique styles made with our very own custom leather and cotton. You will not find jackets like ours anywhere else. We design, craft and sell a high end, designer quality range of leather and cotton jackets 100% made in Italy.

Choose your chest measurement down the left column.
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BLANK: There is no suitable size due to the chest/waist being too large/too tight or length being too short/too long.

Our jackets are based on average size male with waist measuring smaller than the chest.

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