Six Leather Jackets With Soul, by Soul Revolver


As part of the celebration highlighting Soul Revolver’s move to an Italian production house, and with it an improved quality control (on top of their already high standards), Soul Revolver has decided to highlight some of their favourite and best selling leather jackets from over the years.

All of these jackets are still available to buy while the production moves across to Italy, and the even better news is they will all be available afterwards as well.


Mayhem (black/white)

mayhem black leather jacket showcase


This jacket is inspired by the character ‘Tyler Durden’ as portrayed by Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’, a film which without doubt just keeps on giving as far as the leather jacket community is concerned.

This Biker jacket has impressive features, such as a straight zip front, motorcycle style collar, cuff zips, ribbed sleeves and shoulder sections with matching arm stripes: No wonder its ongoing popularity has put it onto this list.


X-Men: Origins

origins brown leather jacket showcase


This jacket is a replica of one of modern cinemas most iconic action figures, ‘Wolverine’ from the X-Men series of films, as worn by Hugh Jackman, most recently in ‘X-Men: Origins’.

The slim fitting jacket, with contrast details at the shoulder blades and a wide waist yoke, along with extra long vertical chest pockets with leather pull, and those 3 distinctive vertical stripes on each arm make this leather jacket a modern classic.


The Winchester

winchester brown calf leather jacket showcase


TV proves for once that the medium is just as strong as films for producing characters worth emulating with this Winchester leather jacket as worn by ‘Dean Winchester’ in the television series ‘Supernatural’.

Soul Revolver worked hard to remain true to the original style and shape to produce this exceptional jacket, a move which has paid of as fans of the show have shown their appreciation by making it one of their most popular leather jackets.


The Haymaker (antique brown)

haymaker brown leather jacket front showcase


It is little wonder this jacket is deemed so popular with fans of leather jackets.  Its undeniable style is there for all to see, with a very distinctive 70s vintage look.

Patch chest button pockets, a vintage collar with rounded tips and lower slit pockets makes this a leather jacket worthy of a place in any ones collection.


Hitman (antique brown)

hitman brown leather jacket front showcase


Another Jacket made in the same style as a Fight Club jacket, as worn by Brad Pitt’s the character ‘Tyler Durden’, this version is presented to you in Antique brown, with cream stitching.

The iconic reputation of the original, combined with the unique qualities of the colour change, has made this a popular leather jacket with its 1970s vintage cool adding to the appeal.


The Butcher (black)

butcher black leather jacket showcase


It is difficult to express in words just how amazing this longer double breasted gothic style leather jacket looks, with its silver buttons on the front and cuffs, the Victorian style pockets and curved front opening.

This jacket is influenced by the one worn by Johnny Depp as the character ‘Sweeney Todd’, however by changing the buttons to standard black it can also resemble the jacket worn by Brandon Lee as ‘Eric Draven’ in ‘The Crow’.  It is this versatility which has made the jacket so popular.

So, there we have some of Soul Revolver’s most iconic leather jackets.  The good news is, while all these popular jackets and more will still be available when the production move to Italy takes place, a whole new set of styles will be added to the collection too.

To view their full range, and keep up with all of Soul Revolvers latest news and up dates, simply visit the Soul Revolver leather jackets website.