The Ideal Christmas Present?


Christmas is about spending time with friends and family, and giving gifts.  We all look to find a unique gift that is both enduring and stands out from the rest.  Well that gift for him or her is a Leather Jacket.

Regardless of age or style there is a jacket for everyone such is the versatility of Leather.  It can be a struggle to stay warm and fashionable with many layers so instead a leather jacket is both.  Walk past any Department Store window or high street clothes store and you will see a one on display, such is the wide appeal of Leather Jackets.

Like the must have, fitted, figure hugging Leather Jacket for example which accentuates her curves  for  mingling at the office party or everyday use, complimenting both the party dress or her smart casual clothes.

The longer cut coat look can also achieve the same points while being more flattering for the fuller figure and taller woman.  Colour as well defines the Jacket, such as a striking red to stand out, subtle sophisticated brown or a traditional black to fit any personality.

For him there is the obvious choice of a Motorcycle Jacket for the keen motor racing enthusiast, protecting him from all the elements, or the Iconic Aviator Jacket made famous by Air forces all around the world, which at some point every boy has imagined themselves in.

Both of these Styles have been around for decades and while vibrant colours are now in vogue, these Leather Jackets are fundamentally the same, and yet still fresh and modern, though the outstanding choice has to be Vintage Leather Jackets.  With a wide variety of colours and cuts to fit any of us, both men’s and women’s jackets can serve any season or occasion.

Stylish and distinctive, with the Replica Jackets that are also available you can literally look like your favourite film star, from any era.  Think James Dean, Maverick or Tyler Durden from Fight Club.  Think the long Leather Jackets of the Matrix.  All of these Individual Styles, both Vintage, Nostalgic or Futuristic have an edge, a cool and that unknown quantity that make the wearer stand out.

So think of a Leather Jacket; any occasion, any weather, many styles, cuts and looks and find an old favourite, a new vogue or the Edge that completes any outfit.   For him or for her the question isn’t, necessarily, does it make a great present but when are you buying your own?

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