About Soul Revolver

Soul Revolver Ltd began in the business of selling vintage style leather jackets for men and women in 2005. We stick by our promise to offer the customer our high-end service in the following areas:

We use Italian nappa leather which we have found is the perfect leather for our styles. It has been made to the perfect thickness of 0.7mm in Black, Antique Brown and Red. It not too thin like regular fashion nappa or calfskin nor too thick and uncomfortable. It is just right for our slim fitting styles and extremely durable.

This is the highest quality nappa you will find, and we don't feel it's right to charge you a small fortune for it. Even though our leather jackets are Italian, we try our best to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. You will not sacrifice quality for price.

Soul Revolver leather jackets will fit you like a glove with the true look of authentic vintage jackets.

The styles.
We stay as true as we can to vintage style leather jackets to make sure the look is authentic. The same applies to our movie replicas. We will get as close as we can and constantly update and perfect our leather jackets until it looks like you plucked it straight from the screen.

Our service.
We believe no matter how nice a product a store sells, it means nothing if the service lacks decency, understanding and patience. Feel free to ask us any questions you'd like regarding styles, leather, fit or anything else. It is your money and we want to make buying from us a good experience.  Your Soul Revolver jacket will be the best leather jacket investment you ever make.  We are happy to discuss any questions with you before you purchase. You can call us free of charge from the UK and USA.

Thank you to all our customers. You have helped us grow, and enabled us to keep adding new leather jacket styles and pursuing new ideas for the future.

Company Number: 06838361

Soul Revolver ® is a registered trademark in Great Britain, USA and other countries.