All Weather Leather

Excerpted from Sky TV's April 30, 2010 Entertainment Report

Leather is finding its way into the summer collections of today's trendiest designers, according to Sky TV's Entertainment Report as "designers  lust for leather knows no bounds."   Making an appearance on the runway for this summer season are leather shorts, skirts, dresses and boots in addition to the always in fashion leather jacket.

But if leather's your pleasure, a word of advice.  "Double denim may be in vogue but we're not quite ready for leather-on-leather. The fashion police will have you in handcuffs faster than you can say 'Village People.'   Try an oversized jersey T-shirt, vest or super-fine knit to create a soft ying to leather’s yang. "

When the air conditioning goes into overdrive this summer, try wearing your Soul Revolver leather jacket over your T-shirt to ward off the chill while still looking cool.