Soul Revolvers Gift List

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At Soul Revolver we know that Christmas brings its very own special breed of pain. Yup, it’s a time of joy, a time to be merry, a time for friends and family. Yes, Santa’s back, but it’s also a time to yet again figure out what to buy the men in your life. Ask a man what he wants and watch confusion distort their features. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. There comes a sad time in their lives when they stop wishing for a list of toys and instead claim that they no longer need anything.

Now we know that you’ve been inundated with suggested gift guides and wishlists from every source possible but allow us here at Soul Revolver HQ to help you decode what men really want. Yes of course we have a thing for leather, but we’ll let you into a secret – most men have a thing for leather. Whether they’re 22 or 52, whether theyre idol is Deadpool or Clarkson (no judgement), you really cant go wrong with Leather. Here’s Soul Revolver’s Christmas guide to what to buy him;


A Leather Lacket

Leather jackets, once the staple of screen rebels, rockers and bikers, now are a steadfast fashion staple every stylish man or at least those attempting to pass themselves off as cool need to own. A leather jacket has that superpower to transform its wearer from ordinary into extraordinary. Remember Steve McQueen as Hilts in The Great Escape, Brad Pitt in Fightclub and Wolverine in pretty much any X-Men movie. Of course you do – those jackets are memorable and were a statement of intent.

Why buy leather? Yes we know that from the get go we’re suggesting a more expensive jacket where you could so easily spend less. You could buy him a warm quilted jacket instead if being understated, stylish, cool and daring doesn’t appeal. But we would suggest otherwise. Leather is timeless; a high quality leather jacket will last forever – stylish in the beginning and vintage years after. It’s a power item of clothing and a secret weapon in a mans wardrobe because when it fits well its like armour against the world.


Leather Trainers

There is no such thing as too many trainers. And what could be a better than trainers that make us look refined without us actually having to be refined or having to make an effort. Comfort and style – it’s a win.


Leather Backpack

Backpacks are no longer the sole reserve of students. They are having a moment as the accessory to have. Buy it in leather and you’ve just made the gift even more luxurious.


Leather Boots

Want to show that you’ve really thought about his present? Then buy him some leather boots. It will take serious time, effort and commitment to get this right just like a relationship. Demonstrate your commitment.


Leather Washbag

Funds rather low? Or perhaps you want to buy a stocking filler - then consider buying him a washbag. Pass it off as a gesture and the leather will again make the gift feel so much more refined. Besides how useful will this be to finally house the skincare we pretend not to use.


 Leather Case for iPhone or iPad

We love those designer leather cases but just wouldn’t buy one for ourselves. Show that you know he’s vain but still love him by getting one of these.


Leather Wallet

Lets move this man slowly away from his velcro fastening wallet one fashionable step at a time. A little faster please.


Leather Holdall

I know we’ve already got a backpack on our list, and lets face it that’s more than enough space for men to pack for 10 days, but seeing that here at Soul Revolver we like to encourage stylish habits, we would suggest buying a beautiful leather holdall for travel. Looks stylish, feels stylish and encourages more frequent change of clothing. Hygiene and style – win win.


Leather Watch Strap

Just like diamonds are a girls best friend, well we would say that watches are a mans best friend. Go retro and go leather if you want to inject some subtle coolness into this man.


Leather Valet Tray

How frustrated do you get seeing his phone, car keys, coins, letters, receipts, cufflinks, gum, mints, just spread across kitchen worktops or just around the house – buy him this and watch your zen return.