Cool Bikes for Even Cooler Jackets

origins motorcycle


Bet you think you look pretty cool wearing your biker jacket down the pub, even if you don’t actually own a bike, you’ll still look the part and impress your beer buddies. 

Say you could take your pick from any bike though, suppose you had the money and the time to buy a cool motorcycle, which model from history would get your vote?

Check this list out.

See if we have included your favourite bike at Soul Revolver.

Triumph Bonneville

Think of classic British motorbikes and it’s hard to overlook the beefy Bonneville. In the mid 1960s the Bonneville was the bike to have. It was a popular choice with rockers and celebrities alike, stars like Steve McQueen loved the bike the mainly due to the fact it could hit 115mph without any trouble and looked the part as well.

Ducati 916

When the Ducati 916 hit the showrooms back in 1994 it was blessed with a beautiful design and packed with technical innovation. Riders loved the water-cooled engine and the racing version of the Ducati went on to win 4 World Superbike Championships giving it instant cult status amongst its army of adoring fans. 

Suzuki Hayabusa

Big, bad and a thrill-a-minute, ‘Hayabusa’ means Peregrine Falcon in Japanese and you needed eyes like a Hawk to keep focused on the road when you unleashed the raw power of this bike. Good for a top speed of over 200mph, the road-chewing Suzuki became the fastest production bike upon its release in 1999 and it still gives you a thrill if you ride one today.

Norton Commando

If you had to choose a car in the late 1960s you’d ever opt for a Mini or buy an E-Type Jaguar if you had the cash. If you had to choose a bike in the late 1960s the chances are you’d be tempted by a Norton Commando.  The original Mk 1 Commando had a 750cc engine that developed 58bhp and this rocketed the nifty Norton to 115mph. It’s the ultimate greaser’s bike, so go for a spin on a Norton wearing a leather jacket from Soul Revolver, bikers are some of our best customers.