The Iconic Michael Jackson Leather Jacket


The iconic red and black leather jacket Michael Jackson wore in the ground breaking music video ‘Thriller’ sold last week for $1.8million during an auction in California. For anyone who has seen the video from 1983 (or was old enough to remember it first coming out, ahem!), then you will remember he wore it most notably while dancing with a troupe of zombies who rise from their graves, complete with on-going commentary from horror movie legend Vincent Price.

A Texas commodities trader was the eventually lucky buyer, who plans to use the jacket as a way of raising funds for children’s charities. Some of the proceeds from the sale will go to an animal preserve in California which has been tasked with looking after Michael Jackson’s 2 Bengal tigers.

This story got Soul Revolver into thinking, not just about the iconic status that leather jackets can evoke, but also other famous items of clothing too, and how many were out there that would also be considered valuable, or even priceless. After all, it wasn’t just Michael Jackson’s leather jacket that sold well at the auction; other items included some of his wigs and the glove he wore to the American music awards in 1984.

Here are a few other items which have actually sold or are soon to sell at similar auctions and the prices they received or are expected to recieve:

Christopher Reeve’s ‘Superman IV’ Costume

Okay, so the film was panned by critics and, to be fair, anyone who has seen it will probably agree that it wasn’t the best of the original Superman films starring Christopher Reeve. But I dare anyone to suggest (if they are a true movie fan) that they wouldn’t wish to own this genuine piece of superhero film history.

The costume consisted of the full suit, including cape, bodysuit, tights and the famous underpants over the trousers, and eventually sold for $32,500.

Mel Gibson’s costume from ‘Braveheart’

Whatever you think of Mel Gibson’s antics in recent years, now seemingly more famous for appearing in the tabloids than in films, there is no doubting that when the (historically inaccurate) ‘Braveheart’ hit our cinema screens, it was soon to become a cultural phenomenon, spawning countless parodies of the famous war cry ‘You’ll never take our Freedom!’.

The Braveheart costume, complete with shield and sword is expected to sell for around $40,000 at auction – it may get more if they include blue face paint!

Cowardly Lion costume from ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Childhood memories come by the dozen for this ageless classic. Who can forget Dorothy’s journey with her little dog Tonto, down the yellow brick road, to visit the Wizard of Oz and eventually find her way home. On the way she encounters witches of the East and West, flying monkeys, a scarecrow, Tin Man and cowardly Lion.

There will undoubtedly be memorabilia that fetched more at auction than the Lion costume, the emerald red shoes to mention but one, however the price the Cowardly lion suit got was none too shabby, selling at auction for $805,000 – a genuine and rare piece of Hollywood history.

Michael Keaton’s Superhero costume from ‘Batman Returns’

For those of us who remember the original re-boot of the Batman franchise, before we were spoiled with Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece which is ‘The Dark Night’, we had probably the best actor to have played the caped crusader on screen.

Coming full circle back to leather (or most likely the prop was made from spandex or the like), Michael Keaton brought all the characters brooding passion and charisma perfectly to the silver screen, and his costume was the epitome of just how far they had come away from the original TV series.

The big shame was, that with the likes of Arnie playing ‘Mr Freeze’ and other such camp characters, they put it straight back there with subsequent films and it was nearly 15 years before we got to see Batman in all his glory again. Nevertheless, this superhero suit is estimated to gain at least a whopping $103,500 when eventually sold at auction.

Other examples of memorable clothing from Film, music, television and popular culture either recently sold or in upcoming auctions include:

Hugh Jackman’s ‘Van Helsing’ costume – estimated $25-30,000

Ben Affleck’s full ‘Daredevil’ suit – estimated $50-$70,000

Madonna Stage worn bra from the ‘Girlie Show’ – Sold $12,500

Lady Diana Red Ball gown – Sold $114,000

Johnny Cash Knee high boots – Sold $25,000

John Lennon collarless jacket – Sold $27,500

Audrey Hepburn Dress worn in the film ‘Funny Face’ – Sold $56,250

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