Your Leather Jacket Manual


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The leather jacket is the perfect symbol of style, it transforms. From effortless cool of classic actors like Steve McQueen and Harrison Ford on film to real life fashion followers like Justin Theroux and David Beckham, the leather jacket has been the perfect finishing touch for the well-dressed man with edge...



A timeless style, the leather jacket as we know it today first appeared in the early 1900s, and it shows no signs of slowing down. While it can shift and elevate an existing look, the leather jacket shouldn’t be worn on its own (you would get arrested) so we are here to help you 'garnish' the leather jacket focal point. The beauty in wearing one is exploring the multitude of ways you can style it. The following five examples are just a sampling of the leather jackets versatility;


1. Don't Give a F...
Some guys aren’t interested in pretending to have edge with a leather jacket. They’re naturally rustic, adventurous and tough. Instead of adding an edge that was missing, the jacket completes the aesthetic for these guys. The Hell’s Angels are known for their classic biker style leather jackets, leather vests and simplistic get-ups underneath. If you’re a tough guy, you’ll need little more than a white t-shirt and pair of biker jeans to wear with your jacket.


2. With Colour
While black and brown leather jackets are popular, they’re also pretty common. For the fashion-aware guy who puts effort into his personal appearance, try a leather jacket with some colour. Options like our Cafe Racer Distressed Red leather jacket offer the sleek, original finish you’ve come to expect from our leather jackets. The contrasting black leather interior and racer collar are great touches. However, it’s the colour that really makes it. The red Italian leather is deep, rich and alluring. It’s sure to stand out from the sea of black and brown jackets without a doubt.


3. Colour Elsewhere
If a black leather jacket is more your thing, our Lynch style for example, you could wear black everywhere else to match its appeal for a subtle stylish look. However, dressing in all-black can seem a little..uninspired. To keep your outfit fresh without reducing the impact of your jacket, mix up your colors. Pair it with some vintage wash denim and a grey sweater or natural cotton henley. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color schemes so your jacket sticks out instead of falling flat.


4. Layer Up
There’s no rule that your leather jacket must be the only layer you’re wearing. During colder months, it probably won’t provide enough warmth. So, get creative. A few thin t-shirt/jumper layers or a hoodie (if you must) underneath your leather jacket. Not only will the combination keep you insulated, but it’ll also add some depth and texture to your look without lessening your edge.


5. Get Smart
Smart casual looks often combine the best of both the contemporary and business worlds. Instead of just wearing a suit, you can factor in pieces with more personality. The next time you suit up for work, switch out your blazer for a leather jacket. The effect will create a business casual look that’s one part CEO and two parts James Dean to give a look like you turn off your pc at the switch instead of through Windows like a boss.


Leather jackets are such a unique item of clothing - they have a lot of personality, ability to transform and a distinct style all their own. But with a little bit of styling effort, they can completely change your look. See our many mens styles here and get started!