How To Care For Your Leather Jacket: Essential Tips

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If you're shopping for a leather jacket or you've just purchased one, now's the time to learn how to maintain and respect your acquisition.


A great leather jacket can look great on anyone, last a lifetime, and go great with anything in your closet. It transforms your look. Despite all of the pluses, you still need to take care of it.

If you just added a leather jacket to your wardrobe and aren't sure how to look after it, check out these tips on how to care for a leather jacket.

Read The Tag

Most of the time, the tag has all of the instructions on how to care for your leather jacket. Cleaning wise anyway. The tag will also tell you what kind of material your jacket is made out of which makes a huge difference. Some leather is thick and heavy whereas other leather is more soft and luxurious.

On the label, there is usually also a small list of icons stating what can and cant be done with the jacket. When in doubt, trust the people who created it, they know what they're talking about.


Heat & Water

A leather jacket should be able to handle normal weather conditions but that doesn't mean you should be leaving outside it in extreme heat, snow and heavy rain. For example, it's best not to always leave your jacket in a hot car as over time, you might see the leather fade and dry out. If you get caught in the rain, dont panic too much, just hang the jacket up with a wide coat hanger when you get home to let it dry naturally. Hang it on a door frame to let air pass through. Make sure it is totally dry before you wear it again or hang it in the wardrobe. Same applies if you get caught in the snow. As a rule though, if its going to rain, wear a waterproof jacket that day.


Avoid Wrinkles

A lot of people look great in leather jackets; however, nobody looks good in a wrinkled jacket.

Avoid folding your jacket if you can help it. Place it on a wide padded hanger and store it in a cool, dry place.

If you have to place it in a garment bag for travel then make sure it's a bag made of a breathable material.

Keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid drying it out. If you have a heavy crease on the jacket, there are other ways to get this out but this is more of a case by case basis so contact the maker before attempting to remove it yourself.

 Now that you know how to care your leather jacket, you should learn how to pull off your jacket. Click here for creative ways to wear your jacket.


Oils, Waxes & Sprays

There is a lot of different options when it comes to further protection for your leather jacket. A wax can help to waterproof your jacket to some extent. A leather conditioner can help to preserve it. If you are applying a product to a coloured jacket, it will most definitely darken it so apply with caution, at your own risk. Our advice, which comes directly from our shop in Italy is this: The jackets do not need anything applied, they are ready to wear and will last you many years if you look after it. If you feel you really want to add something, please speak to an expert first.


How To Care For Your Leather Jacket

If you splurged on an expensive jacket, it's best to protect your investment by learning how to care for a leather jacket.

Our Italian leather jackets are luxury items and just like any other high end, expensive item, you need to respect and take care of it. If you do, it will last many, many years.

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