What to Wear with a Mens Leather Jacket

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If you're looking for a mens leather jacket then you're making a great choice. This item isn't a style icon for nothing. But what should you wear your leather jacket with? We take a look at how to style one without looking like you're even trying.

Perhaps your leather jacket is outdated, you don't know what to wear it with, or you never had one in the first place. It's time to cure all those issues at once and get your perfect leather jacket picked out.

Outfit Ideas For a Men's Leather Jacket

When you're styling your leather jacket, know the statement you're going for. There are all sorts of different style types that your leather jacket can take to the next level.

Know Your Style

Leather jackets are the quintessential item when you're going for a cool, laid-back look with lots of edginess. The classic leather jacket will make you look like you just stepped off a motorcycle and didn't care about what you threw on that day.

But if you lean towards a less gritty style, you can still wear a leather jacket to your advantage. Want a more smart but still slightly casual look? Choose a button-up leather jacket and wear it with dress shoes and jeans.

If you've got a more corporate lean, you can wear a subtle styled leather jacket and pair it with dressier shirts underneath, and you can still go into the office wearing your cool digs.

No matter your style, you can pair it with a leather jacket. Just pay careful attention to the other details of the ensemble, and you can look great with this new staple piece of your wardrobe no matter your typical personal style.

When it comes to shoes, stay true to the style you're used to. If you like the vintage 70's look, you can wear your jacket with Chelsea boots or scuffed lace boots.

Pairing your leather jacket with more traditional footwear like Doc Martens or Converse can give off a very distinctive look.

Your Choice of Jeans

When you're looking for outfit ideas, jeans are key to the overall style of your look.

You can pair a black jacket with slim fitting dark coloured jeans for a very stylish but minimalist look. It's a streamlined, cool look that's never going out of style.

If you want to look more relaxed, then your jeans should be more relaxed too. That way, when you throw on your jacket, you'll look well put together but like you went through minimal work achieve your effortless style.

Coloured pants are also work with leather jacket outfits. Experiment with deep maroon, grey and even white.

Don't Be Afraid of Colour

There's no denying that a black leather jacket is a perfect statement of being cool and on-trend. Black leather jackets pair with almost any outfit and bring the style level up a notch.

If you like colour, you can still get a great jacket that will work with many outfits. Brown is a surefire choice that matches virtually all style choices.

You can also opt for a pop of unexpected hues. Darker colours of unexpected shades work best. Dark blues, dark reds, dark grey, and dark blues are all on the playing field.

If you're afraid to get your toes wet with another colour than black, you can get a jacket with coloured detailing that still makes a statement.

Layer it Up

Leather jackets are a perfect medium to allow you to layer your outfits. This outfit idea strays from the simple yet timeless look of the black jacket and black jeans but is still just as much of a hit.

Dressing in just one solid colour can sometimes be an unflattering look for your frame, unless its black of course. Layering allows you to use textures and details to your advantage.

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket and a simple fitted t-shirt. But layering that look adds a whole new tone of sophistication. Add another shirt over your t-shirt for example.

Once you've layered your shirts up according to the weather, it's time to add your leather jacket. If it's black, it will match with any of the shirts you've chosen to layer. If it's another colour, try to make at least one element of the shirts you've chosen to layer match the colour of the jacket.

All in the Accessories

Once you've got your outfit down to a tee, you can't forget the add-ons that really make it unique. Luckily, leather jackets lend themselves to a whole number of accessory options according to your style preferences.

A single colour scarf can add texture and sophistication to your outfit. It's functional and stylish. Break up the colours with a block-patterned scarf that has colours which coordinate with the other hues in your outfit.

A beanie hat will make your outfit look more casual, and is a perfect element of street style. If you choose a black beanie, you can never go wrong. A solid colour of another choice is a more adventurous option but still looks great with your leather jacket.

A vintage watch always looks good with any outfit as does the odd ring here and there, not too flashy - antiqued silver always looks great with a leather jacket.

Get Your Perfect Jacket

Feeling inspired? Perhaps you live in the sad reality of not actually owning a leather jacket for yourself.

It's time to change that. But you can just go out there all willy-nilly and buy a men's leather jacket on a whim. You have to know what you're doing.

Before you shop, be sure to know the telltale signs of a quality leather jacket. And make sure you know exactly what you're looking for. This guide to buying a leather jacket will give you everything you need.

That way, when you start to put together your ensembles, you'll look the very best that you can look. No need for any returns, just going out there and feeling confident.

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