Why Soul Revolver Leather Jackets are Made in Italy



Welcome to the Soul Revolver page of wisdom, updates and just out and out ramblings.  This is the place where we can talk about all things leather jacket related. The aim is to try and inform you of developments and improvements at Soul Revolver. Basically, we’re going to allow you into our heads and let you see the thought processes that take place which in turn cause change for us, and for you.

The most important change so far has been our move to Italy. It has been time consuming and mentally exhausting in every possible way. But we were determined for this move to happen. Ultimately we started Soul Revolver because we feel the leather jackets out there just lacked excitement and that coolness that vintage jackets just possess. We wanted that effortless style, being on trend without even trying and oozing sex appeal – because that’s what a great leather jacket is all about. And so in our continuous strive to make our jackets better and more beautiful we started to look into the possibility of having our jackets made in the fashion capital of the world – Italy. It has taken months and months of negotiation, haggling, heartburn and pulling of hair to get these jackets finally made. The result has been astounding. We now have beautiful leather jackets made of the finest italian leather with such intricate eye for detail from our italian factory. The fit of the jackets is better than before, the cut rivals more expensive designer jackets and most significantly of all we have kept prices to an absolute minimum so that everyone can afford these designer standard leather jackets at everyday prices. At Soul Revolver our passion is jackets, and our goal is to make them as affordable as possible. It may be worth noting that the Italian factory making our jackets is also responsible for producing jackets for some of the big designer names...so it is safe to say we are in excellent hands.




The leather jacket has forever been symbolic of all things cool, from the original method actor Marlon Brando to Steve Mcqueen, The Beatles Hamburg days and on to today’s fashion hero’s Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Gwen Stefani to name but a few. A leather jacket is both a fashion statement and a statement of intent; it says - I am not conventional, I do not follow the path well trodden, I revel in my diversity – A Soul Revolver jacket is just that my friends, a statement of intent.