Introducing the Mass Effect 3 Jacket


mass effect 3 front 

Inspired by one of the more iconic jackets worn by Commander Shepard's character in the Mass Effect 3 Video Game - this is a very accurate unofficial replica made with 100% Italian Nappa Leather.

The cut is stylish with a subtle sci fi look, but not so futuristic that it seems like a costume piece. Although an unofficial replica of the jacket from the game, the Mass Effect 3 Jacket is wearable anywhere, with a stand up collar that looks really great with short cropped hair. Other replicas of this jacket made elsewhere are done in black, but as with all Soul Revolver movie or game replica jackets we wanted to remain true to the original, so we stayed with the darker grey color as shown in the game and we cut it in 0.7 mm Italian leather.

The Mass Effect 3 Jacket features a stylish piping that curves up in the front, and inwards at the back. This seamline widens the look of the shoulders and tapers down to the waist - producing a tailored, flattering cut consistent with the squarely masculine theme of the jacket.


The Mass Effect 3 Jacket goes on sale for the first time Friday, June 21st, 2013.