The Power of a Leather Jacket


He jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch declaring boldly, and some would say - rather foolishly, his love for Katie Holmes. He practises as a scientologist, and that’s a way of life that appears rather odd and restrictive. And he wears really really tight trousers. They really are. But take one look at Mr Tom Cruise in MI4 – Ghost Protocol, and prepare yourself for envy, all kinds of envy on every possible level.

Tom Cruise is seen wearing a hooded leather jacket, and I defy you to not lust after this beautifully constructed leather jacket. Now if you’ve been listening to me, then you already know that jackets have the ability to transform and have a quiet ability to make people sit up and notice, and that’s exactly what happens when Tom Cruise comes on the screen wearing this sexy leather jacket. I have to admit I’ve never quite understood his appeal, but all I know is that when I saw him on screen dressed like that the only words that came to mind were ‘Come to mama’ – yes I know, it is wrong on so many levels, but watch the movie, see him in that jacket, and I defy you, male or female, not to feel that way.

This my friends is the power of a leather jacket.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to take heed of this lesson. A leather jacket transforms.