Today Is A Great Day..


new price blog


..for today we celebrate our new lower prices across all leather jackets!

WTF?? I thought you were selling the jackets at the lowest price already?? What's your deal??

Yes, we were, and now we are able to lower the price due to some good prices at our tannery and a nice discount from our factory. So, instead of taking more profit, we are cutting those savings on the final price of all leather jackets. It is similar when we offer sales based on leather price and our amazing Italian factory being very generous. This time, we are trying something new.

This is not necessarily a permanent lowered price. It is depending on a few factors: The price of the leather we buy in the future, the cost to manufacture and the strength of the British Pound since Brexit.

We will keep this going for as long as we can. So, the more you buy, the longer we will ride this awesome wave.

Simply put, the price before was low for this level of quality. Now, it is downright insane.

Click the image above or here to shop mens or womens leather jackets. Marvel at these new prices!