Yes, this Limtied Edition Hybrid Leather Jacket in Black with Grey Detail is now £250!!



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The short version:


We've been listening to the social media wind out there. We've seen your posts and read your emails and we get that the price of our jackets has been an obstacle for many of you. So we're delighted to announce that as part of our ongoing campaign to give everyone a little break we now offer the Hybrid: Black leather jacket with Grey detail at the far lower price of £250! This is an insanely low price for a very high end Italian leather jacket. It never, ever, happens and you won't find it anywhere else. So why are we doing it?


The long version:


Once upon a time we made a series of jackets through a manufacturer in Pakistan. The design and quality was good and the price point was a big hit with buyers. We stopped doing that. Why? Because we're a design house first and foremost and we want our leather jackets to be of the very, very highest quality you can buy for the money. For that, we must use the best Italian nappa leather, and if you're going to make an Italian leather jacket, best to do it with the highest trained and gifted Italian craftsmen who come from a long tradition of creating works of art with leather.

So instead of sending patterns to Pakistan we design very cool vintage, retro, or replica jackets in London, England; we offer them here in all sizes, but we assign each leather jacket to be cut ONE-BY-ONE only after you order. Time consuming? Expensive? A little special? Yeah, but hey, that’s how we do it and that’s why we know we can stand by our product on a jacket-by-jacket basis. We believe our jackets stand shoulder to shoulder with the very haute-est of haute designs, yet cost a fraction of the usual price tag on a true Italian leather jacket. In fact, between you, us and the Internet – Dolce & Gabbana leather jackets are actually now made in China. So maybe we stand even a little bit higher given that our Italian craftsmen are actually Italians who live and work in Italy.

What’s our point? We know that even at the lowest price point we can offer currently, our jackets are still a little too expensive for those of you not quite able yet to ditch mass produced retail (not that we’re knocking all of it, we get our underwear at Marks & Sparks with the best of you). But buying and choosing a leather jacket is not just a statement about who we are as individuals and how we want the world to see us – it’s the beginning of a long relationship with a trusted piece of clothing that can become a second skin. In our book, that should mean buying the very best jacket out there.

So, knowing that price has been an obstacle for many of you, we’ve decided to make a capital investment; to take a little more risk and spend a little more money to make one beautiful jacket available to more people at a lower price. There’ll be no compromise on quality, cut, design. We will still order on a jacket-by-jacket basis. We will not dilute the same scrupulous process that all of our jackets are subjected to. We chose the Hybrid: Black leather jacket with Grey detail not just because it’s a wildly popular style for us – but also because it allowed us to add some unique features and as our jackets go, this one is a fantastic runabout, multi-purpose leather jacket. There's really no situation where it doesn't look like a classy, standout leather jacket. 

Feel free to share all your feedback below, we'd like to hear it. The jacket is available for purchase here.