We gave it our very best effort and presto – we give you our new collection of red leather jackets.


The Antiquing Effect

 wesley red

Meanwhile, in our laboratory, we’d been adding the antique treatment to our brown leather jackets with great success. This darkens the edging, giving a nice shading effect. We tried it out on the red Fight Club, the Heist, the Life on Mars and the Mayhem and have to say (if it’s not bragging) that we're blown away by how beautifully cool and unique they all look.


The Distressed Effect

 origins red

As if that weren’t enough, we decided to take it further on a few of the jackets by adding what we call a distressed antiquing effect that had proven successful for us elsewhere. This distressed antiquing effect is available in the red Hybrid, the Iron Man, the Cyclops and the Café Racer.