Resident Evil 6 Jacket

resident evil 6


We created this unofficial replica jacket for several reasons - firstly, because so many of you asked us to, but also because we're huge fans of the game which consumes a lot of our own downtime here at Soul Revolver. In terms of style and design though, this jacket is a perfect fit for us. The minute we saw it we knew we'd have to do it sooner or later. Why? because it has that classic 70s style and truly looks like something that belongs in our collection. The Resident Evil 6 jacket also favors a very tailored cut which makes it a natural fit for our retro/vintage taste as designers. We love the bands on the sleeves as you can tell from our original Hybrid design and the replica Origins jacket. Done right these bands look very cool providing a stylish accent to an otherwise sleek design.

We see quite a few other replica attempts at the Resident Evil jacket out there and it irritates us that they've taken such a literal, sloppy approach. Almost everyone gets the pockets wrong by just sticking on bulky box pockets without taking the time and effort to sew in the flat, integral pockets the jacket requires. It bothered us that the only versions on sale out there had Resident Evil fans walking around as if they're wearing a bulky piece of luggage with add-ons sticking out.

So we got to work and here it is finally, a Resident Evil 6 jacket that is a loyal, near perfect homage, inspired by the one worn by Leon Kennedy.

As always, our replica was designed in England and hand crafted in Italy. We use only 100% Nappa Leather for the waist-length fitted style. It has two inside pockets, four exterior patch pockets, and a sleek zip/button cuff. 

The Resident Evil 6 jacket is available here.