Simon Pegg and his "Reese" Leather Jacket

Simon Pegg with the Cast of Star Trek Into Darkness

Simon Pegg and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness

Forgive us for the shameless self promotion, but we’re all huge fans of Simon Pegg here at Soul Revolver – I mean who doesn’t think Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are some of the funniest movies to come out of England since Life of Brian? So imagine how chuffed we are to discover that Simon Pegg loves our leather jackets!

Simon is pictured here at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival photo call with his fellow cast on 'Star Trek Into Darkness' wearing Soul Revolver’s Reese Olive Green replica leather jacket in 100% Italian Nappa Leather. We're not too cool to admit that it makes us very proud to see Simon in the jacket - which he looks great in, by the way.

Simon Pegg returns to the big screen as the wisecracking engine room miracle worker Scotty in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. Directed by JJ Abrams, the movie opens in the US on May 17th - and in the UK soon thereafter. This is Abram's second directorial adventure on Star Trek for which he scored a rave review recently from The Guardian.

Simon Pegg in Soul Revolver Reese Leather Jacket

Simon Pegg in the Soul Revolver Reese Leather Jacket

About Simon's Jacket

The Reese Jacket is hip length with drawstring waist adjuster for those who like to mix things up style-wise. It features an authentic distressed military look and has two interior and four exterior pockets for convenient carrying. There's also a zip detail on the collar and breast pocket. We have suspended production on this jacket indefinitely - so those of you lucky enough to have bought one are in possession of very limited editions!