Soul Revolvers New YouTube Channel

Online Jackets retailer, Soul Revolver, has recently launched a new You Tube channel and is looking for Leather Jackets fans everywhere to take a look and give them suggestions about the type of videos they would like to see on there.

So far the channel features some highly anticipated video game trailers, and the initial intention of the channel was to fill it with clips from famous Television shows and movies featuring leather jackets.

However, Soul Revolver recognise that, with the timeless popular appeal and sense of cool style that a leather jacket exudes, it would only be right to include any kind of popular fiction that is of interest to their users.

Ideas could include upcoming movie trailers and popular music videos, though they are quick to point out that any videos that are currently available to embed on You Tube will be strongly considered for inclusion on the channel; and if they feature leather jackets somewhere within the running time, even better.

Lee Pretlove, founder and director of Soul Revolver, commented:

“We are always looking at ways we can give something back to our loyal users, and sharing some of our favourite videos seemed like the perfect idea.  This not only allows you to get an insight into the sort of popular fiction we are interested in, but could maybe act as a platform in the future to showcase some of our best jackets.


Then we realised that it would also be the perfect opportunity to allow our customers to let us know the kind of things they were into as well, so we have opened the channel up for ideas.”

To give Soul Revolver your suggestions for appropriate videos you either can visit their Facebook page and make a suggestion in the comment boxes, or go directly to the Soul Revolver Style You Tube Channel and leave a suggestion in the comments box.

In the meantime, Soul Revolver has promised to begin featuring some extra videos on the channel to whet your appetite, and will soon be producing videos showcasing some of their most popular jackets which are on sale in their Leather Jackets online retail shop.