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Sam Witwer - Starkiller


Introducing the Soul Revolver Starkiller leather jacket. A new style inspired by one of several costumes worn by Starkiller in the game 'The Force Unleashed' our motive was to create something from scratch that captured the style and energy of Darth Vader's secret apprentice. One of our favorite actors and biggest fans, Sam Witwer, played a digital version of himself in the game, so we took our time and worked hard to come up with something cool and original to measure up to the role.  Sam also helped with the production of the jacket in the final stages, making the jacket even more desirable - designed by Soul Revolver, this is the Starkiller.


starkiller star wars jacket


The jacket went through multiple iterations before we reached the final design, at least five or six. We wanted to capture recognizable parts of the original costume but still produce something approximating an actual leather jacket - wearable without looking too much like cosplay. We matched the look of the shoulder armour, bringing them down over the chest and between the shoulder on the back. For the front of the chest, we added a zip pocket there instead of the restraining bolt on the original. We went with leather bands in place of the bandages around the upper sleeves - and seeking to give them something different to a symmetrical look, we spread them unevenly, just like Starkillers. This resulting jacket has a host of intricate details spread throughout, namely on the lower arms and then, across the leather detail inserted across the chest. The original costume had many belts but wanting to exercise some restraint, we mimicked that impression with stitched bands instead - and finished it off with a gun metal buckle on the lower center of the jacket.


starkiller star wars costume


Three concealed horizontal pockets can be found, while on the hem and cuff, a rich cotton fabric detail is used to represent all the different types of materials used in the original Starkiller armour. We added a contrasting grey leather on the inside of the cuff zips, in the right cuff will also find embroidered Aurebesh lettering. The collar design is unique to this style, starting  low at the front and curving at an angle toward the back with a light grey trim at the top. This brings a very sci fi element to the jacket and is a first for us as a design element. You will also find a cream cotton lining - again a mixed fabric motif intended as tribute to the several 'bandages' we recognize from the original game costume.


a-Sam056 small wm


We wanted to make a unique but thoroughly wearable leather jacket rather than a costume piece. It was a risk, but we feel the result is a very cool, highly street wearable jacket with true sci fi overtones without looking out of place in contemporary fashion. We hope you agree!

Starkiller Leather Jacket available for purchase here.