Your Guide To Buying Your First Men's Leather Jacket


Simon Pegg wearing his first Soul Revolver leather jacket - Reese.


Are you ready to buy your first men's leather jacket? Don't go out and score one on a whim. A leather jacket is a seriously cool investment that's meant to make you look great for a long time. Here's your guide to shopping for your first one.


When it's time to buy your first men's leather jacket, it's easy to gravitate toward the coolest looking jacket on the rack. But that could come back to bite you in the long run.

While it's important to look cool, there are things to consider such as quality, fit, and design that also need to be factored in. Skipping any one of those elements could leave you making a purchase you'll regret later on.

So what kinds of things should you look for in a quality jacket? How do you know if you choose one that will stand the test of time?

Let's look at the best tips and tricks to know when shopping for your first leather jacket.

Quality Factors to Consider

No matter what budget you may have for a leather jacket, you want to make sure you get the most for your money.

Here are the quality elements to look for to ensure you're getting a top-notch jacket.


When it comes to leather, you have two big choices: lambskin and cow leather. You can't go wrong with either, but you may find lambskin to be extremely soft and more comfortable.

If you can't decide between the two, look for a calfskin jacket. It's the best of both worlds because it's as soft as lambskin, but has the durability of cow leather.

However, no matter which one you choose, steer clear of corrected leathers. These are skins that have scarring and are sanded down, sometimes pressed with faux leather grains to compensate.

Corrected leathers also have added dyes and treatments to even out its appearance. This makes them overly smooth and feels almost like plastic.

You want your leather skins to feel soft, uneven in texture, and even a little bit oily. That's how you know you're getting a good quality skin.


Higher quality jackets will be lined with comfortable, durable, breathable fabrics.

A lot of times you will find a different lining in the sleeves than what's in the shell of the jacket. This make's the shell warmer and the sleeves feel more luxurious.

But make sure the lining isn't a low-grade synthetic fabric. These tend to tear easily and feel uncomfortable. They're also the first thing to fall apart over time.


Topstitching is the decorative element that gives a leather jacket its distinct look. You usually find it along the pockets and edges of seams. And the more of it there is, the more decorative it will be.

Look for threads that are thick and will stand the test of time. Some designers cut corners by stitching thinner threads which are more prone to breaking and fraying.


Look for zippers that are heavy weight and easy to zip up. You want to make sure it will withstand zipping up over bulky winter clothing and the stress it can sometimes be put under.

And one thing you have never thought of when searching for a jacket is the comfort level of it when you sit. Many jackets offer a 2-way zipper, giving you the option to unzip from the bottom which makes sitting a more comfortable task.


Low priced jackets will have lower armholes. The purpose of this is to fit a wider array of body sizes. It doesn't make for good arm movement or fit, however.

If the armhole is too low and large, it will cause the sleeves to pull on the body of the jacket when you move your arms.

Buying Guide Tips

Now that you know what details to look for, here are some other important buying tips to keep tucked into the back of your mind as you're out shopping.

1. Fit is King

You can have the most top quality jacket they make, but if it doesn't fit you correctly, it will all go to waste.

Wear what you would normally wear under the jacket when you go shopping. Try it on and make sure it fits snug but not so much you can't move your arms freely.

Lift your arms in it. Move around. You want a jacket that you can move in and doesn't get in the way or become uncomfortable.

2. Choose a Versatile Colour

Think about what you wear on a daily basis. Do you lean more towards browns and neutrals? Or are you a dark, black colour kind of guy?

Picking a colour you wear more often will help you get the most for your money. You won't be struggling with trying to find something to wear with it or not being able to wear it at all.

It's all about how it fits into your lifestyle and compliments the outfits you have.

3. Think About the Design

Are you wanting this jacket to be a casual one? Or will it be a jacket you wear more to the office or nights out on the town?

Bomber and racer style jackets work best when you want a bit dressier look. They are also easy to dress down when the occasion calls for it.

Rider, or moto, style jackets are much more casual and go with any street style clothing.

4. What About Suede?

Suede is sanded and shaved to give it its fuzzy soft texture. But while it may be soft and comfortable, you need to think about the care it needs to keep that texture.

Suede can absolutely not get wet. When it does, it becomes very stiff.

There are protectants you can buy that will give your jacket a water repellent quality. But think of how often you wear it and what the weather conditions are like most of the time.

It may be more trouble than it's worth. It all depends on what your needs are.

Choosing The Right Men's Leather Jacket Will Be an Investment for Years to Come

Knowing what to look for when choosing your first men's leather jacket will make the shopping process that much easier.

And when you buy a quality jacket you know you'll love for years to come, you know you're investing your money wisely. And that's something to feel good about.

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