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Rune wearing his Soul Revolver Origins leather jacket

So you have looked through our many leather jackets and you are still wondering about who we are? Well, we could tell you we are one of the best Italian leather jacket makers out there. Why? Well, firstly we made beautiful high end, quality jackets. We use Italian leather but have it custom made. We don't believe Italian leather is right so we change it up, make it a little thicker at around 0.7-0.8mm as we found Italian fashion leather jackets a little on the thin side. So the leather is exclusive to us.

We mainly concentrate on vintage leather jacket styles. Cool, subtle 70's styles which you can view here. You will find more modern styles along with these if vintage isn't your bag. We also sell a range of replica jackets from movies, tv and games, click here for more info. We play close attention to each detail to bring you an accurate replica. If you ride a motorcycle, we have a large range of biker jackets found here. These come with padding in the shoulders and elbows with a pocket in the back. These are made to a very high standard as with all our jackets.

We could also tell you that spending £1000 or more on a designer label is was too much and they may not even be made in Italy. Our leather jackets are 100% made in Italy, but we do not add a crazy profit margin but sell the jacket to you for a more reasonable price.

So, instead of us doing that, wouldn't you like to hear from our previous customer and hear what they think? Of course you would. The below reviews are taken from Trust Pilot, Amazon and emails (with permission) from our customers.



Great Jacket, even better company... Highly Recommended

I had been thinking about purchasing a leather jacket for a while, but sizing has always been a problem, as this was mailorder I was even more concerned. I shouldn't have worried, Soulrevolver is a dream to deal with. SeAnn especially was great and was quick to respond to any emails (Thanks again).

The first jacket I ordered was a bit too small (ideal as a bike jacket, but too snug for everyday), so I shipped it back (they have a return address in the US, if you need it, so it doesnt cost too much) and a new one was with me in 10 days. Quick turn around and I didn't have any problems.
The jacket, Cyclops brown, is really nice, soft supple leather and looks great.
I am now considering another one.
Dont have any concerns about using Soulrevolver, they have been a joy to deal with.
Jack Garling review via Trust Pilot

Amazing quality jackets would recomment to anyone
I looked through their selection many times and picked out the Origins jacket. When the jacket arrived it came in a sealed bag and when I opened it and took the jacket out I could feel that the leather quality was superb. It looks stunning and is well worth the money, something really special. I would recommend Soul Revolver to anyone.
Tom Foot via Trust Pilot

Soul revolver Drifter jacket with quilted lining
A++ class stitching, WYSIWYG art, first class costumer service, the price is honest, euhmm..what else..i'm a little confused and overwhelmed, maybe it's that sweet smell from the nappa leather that fills my room now, anyway..the first time i bought a leather jacket online at SoulRevolver and it will not be my last. This is where you want to be if you are looking for a leather jacket! @ SoulRevolver.
Stefan K via Trust Pilot

Leather Loveliness
I can't speak too highly of the care and attention I got from SR - two telephone calls from the Tampa Bay, Florida, office and one from the owner of the company personally at his London HQ, plus several e-mails - all solely to make sure I got exactly what I wanted in every respect from size to style.

And it was needed; for there is a big, big problem with Amazon's clothing store - for both buyers and sellers

Amazon employs a label system, each label representing only a range of chest measurement. I have a 41.5" chest. In theory, I would buy the XL size, 42-44. The problem is that one manufacturer's XL is another's S, which is why you often see reviewers suggesting that you buy a particular garment in a size larger, or smaller, and a lot of reviews complaining about wrongly-sized outer garments having to be returned.

Thus, in the past two years, I've bought two expensive outer garments through Amazon, both labelled XL; one was far too large, the other far too small. They were manufactured in two different countries, neither of which was the UK. Both were readily exchanged, of course, and I wound up with two garments of excellent fit, labelled L and XXL respectively !! Although in fact, the L is slightly larger than the XXL... So much for the Amazon labelling system...

What Amazon think standard size labels should reflect is utterly meaningless, because not only have they no control over factory practice around the world, but different countries have different traditions and ideas as to how roomy or close-fitting a garment bearing a specific size label should be. Not only that, some styles may be naturally snug, others naturally roomy; and the older person may well require rather more room than the youthful (or the younger person with the large waistline more room than the skinny old man) - whatever style he chooses.

However, if, knowing this, a seller were to ask you to provide personal measurements for the best fit, it would most likely mean that before the garment could be sent, Amazon's automatic order cancellation system would have kicked in - and your order would be cancelled unilaterallky because it's despatch hadn't been notified within their two-week time limit. Daft, or what ?

The new "How does this product fit" box is far too rough and ready - especially for QUALITY garments - and does nothing to solve the problem that reviews themselves don't already do. We need a box for purchasers to fill in essential measurements, perhaps based on an existing, well-fitting similar garment - as I did by direct contact with SR, after finding my Max Payne coat supplied according to Amazon's XL criteria to be far too small; and I now have a well-fitting and very stylish coat tailored to my exact dimensions in every respect, even down to the depth and location of pockets.

Soul Revolver, is a small British-based retailer with an office in the US, importing from a well-regarded Italian factory which supplies a variety of upmarket brand names, and come up against this problem regularly. Quite obviously, SR have no control over the Italian company's sizing practice, any more than the other supplier I dealt with had over his. And for this reason, if you go to the Soul Revolver website to buy, rather than buying through Amazon, they will insist that you provide a range of personal measurements, to ensure that you get an accurate fit - and, until Amazon see the error of their ways, that is what I recommend that you do.

Jeff Walmsley via Amazon