New Italian Leather Jackets Collection


Leading online leather jackets retailer Soul Revolver has been very busy over the last few months of 2011 perfecting and producing their new Italian Leather Jackets range.  In line with these new jackets, made in one of the most revered designer clothes factories in Italy, Soul Revolver has also launched a new look website to help ensure the true quality of work on these stunning new jackets is translated as clearly as possible to their loyal followers.

Soul Revolver already has a reputation for high quality design but this new production move to Italy allows their designers to have even greater licence and produce improvements on their previously thought perfection. Major changes have been made in all areas - they now use only the highest quality Italian leather, vastly improved tailored cut only a high end Italian factory are capable of and updates to the previous styles; the very things which satisfy the wearer the most.

As well as continuing to improve the quality of design for some of their most popular jackets, the move has also enabled Soul Revolver to ensure they are using the leather which is most suited to each individual jacket.  Again, the leather used previously was of exceptional quality, but Soul Revolver is one of those companies which will not rest until perfection is found for their growing band of customers and admirers.

Below we will look at a small selection of Jackets which have benefitted from the new Italian factory production:


This stunning double breasted military jacket really is a prime example of how the Italian factory has made a big difference to Soul Revolver’s overall product range.  The black version of the Yuma jacket is something to behold in itself.

The enhanced pictures on the new website really show up the quality in design for both versions of this leather jacket.  Made from 100% Italian Nappa, the Gunmetal buttons with Soul Revolver logo, shoulder epaulettes and curved hemline all show the attention to detail which has gone into the design and production of this jacket.

The description on the site also hints at other hidden design features such as inside pockets and a quality lining, ensuring there is still something extra to be enjoyed which can only be observed by the buyer; making it a little secret they will share with Soul Revolver (and all the friends they show their jacket off to!).


This is one of Soul Revolver’s brand new designs which comes in our beautiful exclusive antique red.  Based on the jacket worn by James McAvoy in the film ‘Wanted’, where he stars alongside Angelina Jolie, this unofficial movie replica leather jacket is once again shown in all its glory by the new website images.

Again this is a jacket made from 100% Italian Nappa and features patch chest pockets, interior pockets and a green lining.  The website also cheekily ‘reveals’ that ‘The Loom of Fate was used in the crafting of this leather jacket’ – a reference that any fan of the movie would understand and smile at.


This is another unofficial remake, this time from the television series ‘Supernatural’.  I have chosen to highlight this jacket in particular because it features leather that has a surface distressed look which has been created over time but is not harmful to the leather itself.  This results in a natural and unique worn look which is not artificially created in a factory, meaning the leather jacket is as close a replica to Dean Winchester’s as possible.

As with all Soul Revolver’s new jackets this is also 100% made in Italy. It is available in Distressed Brown Italian nappa and is a fitted hip length leather jacket.  The lining is brown and there are also two side pockets, enough room for much needed rock salt to keep those demons at bay!

Other recent additions to the updated Soul Revolver website include ‘The Butcher’, a Gothic leather jacket in black, ‘Layer Cake’ as worn by Daniel Craig in the movie of the same name, the ‘Smuggler’ in Midnight Blue and a new classic vintage style leather jacket called the ‘Kensington’.

New leather jackets are being added on a weekly basis so don’t just take my word for it, check out the new range of Soul Revolver leather jackets for yourself.