T-Shirts And Then Some




Here at Soul Revolver, we spend our days making your lovely leather jackets, handcrafted with much love and pride at our factory in Italy. But, every so often, we gaze out of the window and dream of the future. Our vision of things to come, what we are planning and what we dream of doing. So, come sit next to us on this old wooden bench by the olive groves in the sun and we will share some of our ideas with you..

 Coming Right Up

Right now, we are meticulously working on our version of the leather coat worn by the character Aiden Pearce in the video game 'Watch Dogs'. We will pay close attention to detail as always, we even have a little Aiden to help with the finer details. For this one, we are going to use our heavier Winchester leather and we are really excited to see this one finished in this particular leather as it works so well on the Winchester leather coat, it felt right to use it here also (we are also going to be using this leather for other Soul Revolver styles).

Another Replica leather jacket we are currently working on is our old favourite James 'Logan' Howlett and it doesn't get much better - firstly, its Wolverine and secondly he is wearing a vintage leather jacket! We just had to make this one. It's good to be back making another X-Men leather jacket.

Other than the Watch Dogs and Wolverine replica styles, we are currently working on something special - leather jackets inspired by 1970s and 80s tracksuits. The sort of tracksuit we would have worn breakdancing but probably more commonly used for jogging (or yogging, it might be a soft j). We love these because they were quite simple in design but rather striking to look at. This goes right with our way of thinking with classic style. We are working on two different styles, both of which will be available in various colours. Don't worry, these will be influenced by the more subtle styles, not the tracksuits that look like someone threw up over it.

Sales! We will continue on the success of our recent sales and promotions giving you the chance to own a beautiful Italian leather jacket for less than our regular price.

Prizes! Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for details on your chance to win a leather jacket in the near future.

Coming Soon

Summers coming and how we hate to admit it, you can't always wear your beloved Soul Revolver leather jacket during those hot, sunny days. Saying that, if you are in the UK like we are, you might get away with wearing it a lot, especially in the evenings.  What we're getting at here are t-shirts - you may have seen our designs being worn with our leather jackets like this one here. For the foreseeable future, we are going to team up with Zazzle to bring you our designs professionally printed on high quality branded slim fit t-shirts available in many different colours. You will also be able to purchase our designs on mugs as seen on our Instagram photos found here: http://instagram.com/Soul_Revolver#

Future Projects

So you have your Soul Revolver leather jacket and t-shirt very soon, what else would look good to complete the look? Here's a few things coming up this year we are excited to bring you:

  • Belts: Vintage style, antiqued, distressed and classic style belts made in our Italian factory.
  • Bags: Think leather holdall style, also 70s & 80s style leather sports bags. We are also looking into beautiful antiqued leather suitcases. Again, the bags will be made directly at our Italian factory so you can be assured of the same high quality and dedication which goes into our leather jackets.
  • Other products we will be introducing will be sunglasses, leather boots, vintage style trainers/sneakers, jewellery and possibly watches. We have designs ready but as we are extremely fussy on where we put the Soul Revolver brand, we can not be sure on when these items will be available but we will source out the areas of the world that produce the highest standards for each product to bring you the very best with the designs of Soul Revolver.

One thing we never forget is we would not be here if it wasn't for our customers and love hearing your feedback so if there anything you would like us to make let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post on 'The Road Ahead' post on our Facebook page here.

Thank you to all of you who have bought a leather jacket from us, our repeat customers and those of you reading this and considering us for your next leather jacket. We hope this little blog article will keep you interested in our leather jackets and all the new products coming in the future.