Vampires in Leather


On both hit television series The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, great fitting leather jackets have become the trademark of male and female characters.  Not surprisingly, viewers are asking how they can get the same look.  Interviewed by Entertainment,  costume designer Jenifer Bryan provided her tips for picking out the perfect leather jacket.

“You want to look for what’s called garment grade leather. It should just feel like butter and have a drape. If it’s rigid, then it’s going to stand away from your body. If that’s the look you’re looking for — the ’80s, a bomber jacket that is very, very rugged — that’s fine. But especially on guys,  [a leather jacket should] mold onto your body and fit you really well in the shoulders. That’s one of my tricks.”

Soul Revolver leather jackets feature garment grade leather cut to fit close to the body.  Get your own black leather jacket to wear into the immortal night.