Men's & Women's Vintage Style Leather Jackets

So, what makes a vintage 1970's style leather jacket so different to a modern leather jacket?

Is it the fact that you searched department stores and flea markets for years to find the ultimate vintage leather jacket, then ended up finding one whilst helping your dad clean out his garage?

Could it be that the amazing leather jacket you found at the thrift store has a unique smell of butter mixed with cat hair or that odd sticky stain on the lining? But you put up with these things along with those sleeves being a bit short because it just looks so damn fine on you.

Or even because the collar is so much bigger than modern leather jackets that even the slightest gust of wind would whip it up to slap you in the face as if to say "Hey Kojak, you're sportingwearing an awesome 70's leather jacket, don't ever forget it."

These types of leather jackets are treasured pieces. They become part of your life and give you years of memories. But, if the unfortunate should ever happen and you lose it, you spend the next ten years looking for something equally as cool or looking longingly at old photos of you wearing it, kicking yourself for leaving it behind on that vacation.

Maybe you never owned anything so cool as a vintage leather jacket. You are looking for a jacket, but you really don't know what it looks like yet. Those jackets you have seen so far just don't cut it. Modern style just isn't your bag.

Well, my vintage leather jacket loving friend, your search for that ultimate leather jacket is over. We at Soul Revolver have spent much time studying the styles of the 70's to bring you our very own unique collection. We give our styles a classic look, without adding too much and giving them away as modern leather jackets. Our styles look as if you pulled them straight from the rail in the 1970's but as a brand new jacket, available today and made just for you using only the highest quality cowhide leather to last a long time. Giving you many, many years of memories.

So, are you ready to own your finest, most treasured piece of clothing? Take a look at our Mens Leather Jackets section and browse through our styles. Give yourself that unique style you've always wanted.