Winter has most definitely arrived: No more multiple personality syndrome with winter thinking it may be spring one day, and autumn the next. And with this comes my gratitude that my morning neurosis over wardrobe dilemmas will now finally be contained.

Here at Soul Revolver headquarters I’ve been watching with interest at how everyone else has been dealing with this changeable weather – and the answer has been simple and quite unanimous - if in doubt just put your leather jacket on.  A leather jacket is one of the most versatile cover ups we have, and nowhere was this more illustrated than at the recent British fashion awards where Amanda Wakely, a designer who is most certainly having a moment, turned up to the event wearing a long black dress of her own creation with a leather jacket. She made what was an interesting dress into a cutting edge dress by layering it with leather – great choice given the changeable season that we’ve had and seeing that this designer just recently featured in an episode of the hit television series Gossip Girl – a huge fashion acknowledgment to her label, it goes without saying that where she leads, most people want to follow. How refreshing to see the leather jacket being paid homage to by the fashion pack.

But its not just the fashionistas that have been acknowledging the impact of the leather jacket.  The music world has always embraced the image that only leather seems to help them portray. Look up any credible musician and a broody moody photo shoot with them wearing leather is almost always on view. The formula for appearing hip seems to be: Musician+reasonably good music+vntage leather jacket+bedhead hair = instant cool.


So lesson number one: A leather jacket is the versatile tool in life not just helping us stay warm and weather appropriate, but cool and fashion appropriate.