The Finest Gift This Christmas

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There are now just a few days left until we at Soul Revolver are unable to deliver your amazing - really cant wait to have - gift yourself - beautiful Italian leather jackets in time for a Christmas delivery. We have done everything we can to help you guys alleviate the pain and cost of Christmas shopping.

Starting from Black Friday, the US imported sales event which traditionally follows Thanksgiving in America and tends to be regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, we placed a 10% discount off our beautiful Soul Revolver Italian leather jackets. Unlike other retailers, we at Soul Revolver understand that Christmas is an incredibly stressful time, not all of us have the luxury of time and a naturally organised mind to purchase all our Christmas gifts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Personally speaking I have absolutely no idea what I’m buying friends and family until so much later in December. By which time Black Friday and Cyber Monday are distant memories. Sometimes we just need someone to give us that little bit of extra time and that my loyal friends - is Soul Revolver’s Christmas gift to you.

Unlike mostly everyone else, who removed their discounts and sales as soon as Cyber Monday, or that week, was over we are choosing to continue our Black Friday offer until the very end till the 24th of December, turning it into our Winter Sale. Yup we know, how incredibly generous, gracious, forward thinking, public spirited of us. But we cant help it. It’s actually rather selfish. How so you ask? Well Soul Revolver believes that everyone in the world should be able to own a beautiful leather jacket. It's the prerequisite to style, confidence and just looking damn good. For that reason we want to give you every opportunity possible to purchase one as a very special gift for a loved one or a special gift for yourself. Well why not? But every good deed must come to an end and so the 24th December is the last day our leather jacket discount will be available before Soul Revolver goes on a well deserved festive break until early January 2019.

So go ahead, take advantage of our festive discount. But yes we’re completely aware that offering you 10% off the Italian leather jackets doesn’t actually sound like an awful lot. However, we do feel that we are very lucky to have a very informed customer base who recognise that our leather jackets are made of the highest quality Italian leather, which we then sell at a ridiculously low price. It is our intention to sell the best quality money can buy, at the lowest and fairest price possible, and consequently seeing that we are already priced so reasonably there is only the smallest margin of discount we are able to offer before we are actually just giving the jackets away!

We began Soul Revolver because we had a genuine love for leather jackets and just couldn’t find retailers that made leather jackets with the beauty and precision we were looking for, and at a price that didn’t break the bank, so we took it upon ourselves to fulfil that criteria. Our leather jackets are made with genuine love and care to attention. We take a very long time to source the absolute correct leather, going back and forth with our Italian suppliers until the most beautiful leather is found. It then goes through a natural dyeing process, after which we add our very special antique effect. We then take an age to make sure that the style and finish is to a high standard, we take particular care in the fit of the jacket as without this final element, the jacket as beautiful as it may be, is a sad fail. At this stage our objective is for as many people as is feasible to access our luxury, Italian made leather jackets - and that is why our leather jackets are priced at such a ludicrously low price as we want everyone who loves leather to be able to afford them, unlike designer brands and prestige brands who price up their product to create an unaffordable, inaccessible niche.

But can we please try not to forget that if you want your leather jackets delivered in time before Christmas then please remember, the last date to order for Christmas delivery is 10th December. Any jackets ordered after this date cannot be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. But hey, if the jackets are for yourself then this date is not so relevant. Although might we suggest that you rocking up to a Christmas party in a Soul Revolver leather jacket is going to be a head turner. Try it and see what happens.

Disclaimer: Soul Revolver can take no responsibility for the extreme attention you will receive from party goers, friends and family when wearing our Italian leather jackets. Furthermore we are aware that such intense flattery and scrutiny may cause you discomfort. You will need to protect and cherish such a treasured piece. As Obi-Wan says: 'Try not to lose it, this jacket is your life'. Something like that.