What does your Leather Jacket say about You?


Does it say -:

  • I have no interest in the way I look or appear?
  • I invested in this jacket in 1985 and am proud of my money saving ways?
  • I really don't care about fashion and my jacket proves that?
  • I am much more than the sum total of what I look like?
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover?


Well, if any of the above resonates with you...then ladies and gentlemen it's definitely time to invest in a new jacket. At Soul Revolver it hurts us. No, in fact it wounds us, to think that you may be walking around in anything less than perfect. Just take a look at our website and our jackets - what excuse could you (and you know who you are) possibly have for still walking around in that jacket? Anyhow it's Christmas, and so it's a time for forgiveness. So we'll overlook this cardinal sin (of wearing a badly fitting, awful quality, cardboard stiff, really does nothing for you, leather jacket), knowing that the remedy is fast and instantaneous.  Here are the instructions you need to follow for absolution:

- Type in wwww.soulrevolver.com

- Hover your cursor over preferred jacket section.

- Browse through the jackets. Select jacket (doesn't matter which one you choose they're all amazing).

- Wait for jacket to arrive.

- On arrival, wear immediately.

- Do not remove until the people around you have seen the transformation.