Soul Revolver is blurring the line between fiction and reality by offering high quality leather jackets based on fashions worn by video game and comic book characters.

Forms of Escape

Video games, comic books and fashion may have more in common that you might think. High fashion captures the imagination because it portrays fantasy.   Think of what you see in a fashion magazine spread – perfectly proportioned models in impractical clothing, outrageous hair and outlandish make-up posing in otherworldly settings.  How different is that from the world of comic books and video games? They all  offer an escape from reality.  And while video games and comic books were once considered the domains of teenage boys and young men, that’s no longer the case.  According to the Entertainment Software Association, the average age of a video game buyer is 38 years old and 38% of them are women. It is not surprising that as these forms of fantasy and escape surge in popularity, elements are colliding and fusing.

Leather Jackets Anchor Costumes

Comic Con, the comic book and pop culture convention, has become a huge sensation, selling out months in advance.   Many attendees invest significant time and money to create authentic costumes so they can attend the event as their favorite fictional characters.   In response to customer demand, Soul Revolver created the Max Payne replica jacket, Wolverine’s jacket from X-Men Origins, and Tony Stark’s jacket from Iron Man. These well-made leather jackets anchor character costumes with their dead-on replica style but unlike costumes, the leather jackets can be worn as street fashion all year long.

Alex Mercer Prototype Jacket Released

Since Activision released its popular game Prototype, gamers have been asking where they could buy a leather jacket like the one worn by the main character – revenge driven Alex Mercer.  The unofficial replica was released by Soul Revolver in June 2010. It comes so close to the actual (virtual) jacket it should satisfy even the most ardent fans in terms of authenticity as well as quality and construction.

The Prototype leather jacket features A-1 full grain black leather with straight zip front, flat front pockets and single zip breast pocket, zippered sleeves and shoulder epaulets, contrasting white double arm bands, red leather collar and embroidered red leather double dragons across the back.   High quality construction allows fluidity of movement enabling the wearer to tear through New York City like Mercer or stalk about in their own neighborhood.   By layering a grey hoodie  inside the Prototype leather jacket, one can easily embody Alex Mercer’s signature style.

Soul Revolver replica leather jackets make it easy for gamers and comic book aficionados to bring a bit of fantasy as well as style into their everyday reality. And tell me, who doesn’t need that?