If you’re reading this blog then the likelihood is you either own a leather jacket or are very seriously considering purchasing one. For either of these, firstly allow us to congratulate you on your decision. You have made an excellent, wise, fashion forward, always and forever a classic, never out of date, always relevant, so versatile, investment worthy decision.

What we love most of all about a leather jacket, other than its inability to be out of fashion, is how ridiculously versatile these leather jackets are in your wardrobe. Leather jackets must be one of the most hard-working clothing article in your wardrobe. Dress it up – dress it down – cover up. There are endless ways to change up your look, there are no hard and fast rules. Ignore anyone who tries to dictate strict rules for dressing with a leather jacket. However, in case you’re one of those people who may be stuck in a bit of a style rut with their leather jacket then today we are going to gently navigate you through some of the various ways in which to style up or accessorise your leather jacket. Why be a one trick pony, right?


The Rock Star

The leather jacket is a magical item much like the golden fleece, unicorn rainbows or Samsons hair. Unlike any other piece of clothing – the moment you put on a leather jacket, it transforms your look and you become unhinged, fused with badassery. So, to look like a rock star won’t take much effort. Add a black v-neck or thin henley, with a little flash of silver jewellery underneath. Slim black jeans and some scuffed black boots or off-white Converse and you’re done. Accessorise with a couple of rings, leather or antiqued silver wrist details and classic sunglasses. Tattoos go well with the look, but not mandatory, the leather jacket is doing most of the heavy lifting here. If you walk out to the car park and get into a FIat Panda though, it might shatter the illusion but thats ok, we still believe in you.


rock star leather jacket 2

Rock Star Level: Legend


The Office

The title here is not a coincidence, there is a danger here that if this is not done correctly, you will end up looking like David Brent in his Sergio Georgini tan leather jacket, he was just trying so hard to look ‘cool’. And no offense to David Beckham but seeing him on a motorbike in a leather jacket feels so staged. I doubt he has just jumped over some sand dunes or a fence then been caught on camera as Steve McQueen once was. Keep your work attire simple – plain shirts in whites, blues, greys. Sorry, no pinks or pastels, we just don’t like them. Dark coloured tie. Black, navy, grey trousers and some black shoes. Vintage style footwear works well too with smart clothing – side zip boots, nicely aged creases on the front or lightly used brougues. Don’t worry too much about whats fashionable, just keep it classy, subtle. Style comes in many shapes and sizes. A simple item of clothing or footwear works well if it has a good cut and is made of quality material. How you carry yourself, confidence in your eyes, speaking clearly and not taking any shit. But, lets get back on track – the office – once your outfit has been chosen, throw on your favourite Soul Revolver jacket. A button up leather jacket always works well with a smart shirt – so we suggest Hitman, Max Payne or Winchester. Or a zip jacket like Welsey with its funnel collar for a stylish look or keep it classic with the Cafe Racer or Evolver. You are not a follower of fashion you set your own standards. Hold your head up, smile and be quietely confident.


the office leather jacket

Too Cool For School Office?


Casual Andy

One of the most popular ways currently trending to wear your leather jacket is the sporty athletic look and can we just emphasise that no sporting prowess is required, just the imagined possibility of you having just taken part in a decathalon then thrown your leather jacket on top. So wear your usual comfortable hoodie under your chosen Soul Revolver leather jacket, some joggers (torn jeans work here too) and a pair of trainers. You can pretty much go with whatever you like here, and throw your leather jacket on top to finish the look. We personally advise darker colours for your casual wear but peacocking those colours also works. If you feel you can carry it off – go for it.


casual leather jacket 2

Sam Witwer adding a hoodie under his beloved Hybrid jacket



With any of these looks use accessories such as eyewear, thin or heavy scarves, beanies or caps. Change up your look. Hang a bag around your neck and shoulder. jewellery. A new haircut you never thought of going with before for a fresh look – show a different side of your personality – fashion has no rules, so change it up as much as you want! Individualise your look and give the world a glimpse of the inner you. Forget conforming, go out there and choose a look you love, that makes you feel great and go for it. Liberate yourself.


Let’s face it, no matter which look you choose, the leather jacket is a sexy and essential piece of clothing. Everybody should have at least one in their wardrobe. It is perfect for any day of the week or an evening out. You can amp up your regular look by putting on a leather jacket for a refined night out. Sleek simple shirts with skinny trousers if you’re looking to impress. Or more casual but still smarter than the usual t-shirt, put on a polo shirt with jeans and essential cool footwear. If its very cold where you are, then put a fine knit on under your jacket or choose one of our jackets with the optional thermal quilted lining. That way you can keep your stylish look knowing our thermal layer will be keeping you toasty.


We hope this little, humble blog has give you some inspiration. Whether you want to change up your look up a little or you feel its time for a whole new you. Start with your favourite Soul Revolver leather jacket and revolutionise your style. Feel free to send us a photo at [email protected] and we would be proud to post it on our website!