Soul Revolver leather comes from Northern Italy, in a district known for the highest quality tanneries who have been working with leather for many decades. Truly experts in their field.

We use Italian lambskin leather to make most of our leather jackets. Mens Italian fashion leather jackets are usually around 0.5mm thick for nice lightweight style but at Soul Revolver, our leather is custom skimmed to around 0.7 – 0.8mm which we feel is just right for our styles. It is not too thin and lightweight, nor is it thick and heavy.  This also means you will only find this leather exclusively at Soul Revolver.  Our womens range of jackets are slimmer and cut closer to the body so we keep the leather at 0.5mm.

We add an antique effect to our brown, olive green and red lambskin leather. This is an airbrushing darkening effect which we subtely add to areas of the jacket where we feel antiquing looks best, like around the seams and stitching. Our cotton styles go through a light distressing process. We also design a range of motorcycle jackets; we use 1.2mm black calf leather for these jackets which will keep you protected but the leather is also very comfotable to wear. There is protection inserted into the sleeves and shoulders with a pocket in the back for you add your own rear protection if you wish. These jackets can also be worn as fashion jackets when you are not riding if take out the protection.


We are very proud to be able to claim our jackets are 100% crafted in Italy. From the cutting of the lining, the leather and cotton to the antique finishing, crafted by our talented and experienced team. You can see a video of our production on our homepage.


We stay as true as we can to vintage style leather jackets to make sure the look is authentic to 1970’s fashion. The same applies to our movie replicas. We will get as close as we can and constantly update the design until it looks like you plucked it straight from the screen.


We believe no matter how nice a product a store sells, it means nothing if the service lacks decency, understanding and patience. Feel free to ask us any questions you’d like regarding styles, leather, fit or anything else. It is your money and we want to make buying from us a good experience.  Your Soul Revolver jacket will be the best leather jacket investment you ever make.  We are happy to discuss any questions with you before you purchase. You can call us free of charge from the UK and USA.

Thank you to all our customers. You have helped us grow, and enabled us to keep adding new leather jacket styles and pursuing new ideas for the future.

Choose your chest measurement down the left column.
Then choose your height along the top row to find your size on the chart.

GREEN: This is your size
GREY: This is not ideal. It will fit but may need alteration
BLANK: There is no suitable size due to the chest/waist being too large/too tight or length being too short/too long.

Our jackets are based on average size male with waist measuring smaller than the chest.