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Black and cream version of our Mayhem style replica jacket as seen on Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club available now as a motorcycle leather jacket in 1.2mm calf leather with shoulder and elbow protection. Cream sleeve stripes, shoulder and cuff detail.
True Black

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Finest Italian Leather Jacket


Black leather motorcycle jacket

1.2mm calf leather

Removable thermal vest

CE certified armour – shoulders & elbows

Two interior pockets



Reviews for Mayhem
I love the hell out of this jacket, It's sturdy, dependable, good for most weather (if there's no thermal lining then a thick winter thermal will normally suffice), and the white leather doesn't get dirty that easily. That being said I purchased this BEFORE they moved their operation from the desert to Italy.

There were a few problems I had with it after a few years of wear, I've had it for nearly a decade now. At a year of wear the snap buttons rusted and the zippers stained the inside of the zipper cuffs. Keep in mind, this was only the snap collar, the zippers themselves never rusted. The cuffs were quite easy to clean. A little earlier this year the leather got much more ragged around the cuffs, but only on the white parts which WERE made thinner than the motorcycle leather. Later I received a nasty gash from something going across the ivory bit on the shoulder, it crossed over into the thicker black leather, and that was generally fine, however the white part needs repair now. The liner also stretched after 3 years, but still holds up well. I warn against wearing a bulky watch if there's any jagged hardware on it, It'll damage the lining there.

That being said, the fit is great, true to the sizing chart, the quality of the leather is generally really good, and it still looks fantastic. The shape is maintained after all these years, and the stitching is top notch, nothing's come loose or frayed. I always recommend them to people who ask about the jacket, which is a lot!

THIS IS AN OLDER VERSION of the jacket that's no longer sold, using cow leather as opposed to the younger calf leather, without thermal or the armor pads. Though given their dedication to quality, and style, I'd still recommend them and would vouch for their quality. I can only imagine it's gone up over the years.

If you're looking for a stylish, and dependable jacket, that will last you for yea
Michael Agostinetti

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