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DMC5DmC Dante Leather Coat


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DMC5DmC Dante Leather Coat

Entirely Made in Italy

Soul Revolver tailors represent the finest examples of skill and excellence in Italian craftsmanship.

With our jackets you will find attention to detail, originality in design and a deep care to maintain the highest level of Italian manufacturing along with a passion to design beautiful styles made with leather sourced from the most established tanneries in Northern Italy.

Our philosophy is to bring you cool original style, slim yet comfortable fit, high end Italian quality and an excellent level of service.

10 reviews for Fight Club

  1. Mark

    Soul Revolver’s Tyler Durden Jacket

    Bought Soul Revolver’s Tyler Durden Fight Club replica jacket for my 40th fancy dress birthday party. Certainly not the cheapest option but the quality is outstanding. Always get complimented on it when I wear it. You get what to pay for and it was worth every penny.

  2. Paul

    Brilliant company

    A wonderful ‘Fight Club’ leather jacket is now my 16-year-old son’s pride and joy. The quality has to be seen to be believed. Soul Revolver’s customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced. Many thanks to our point of contact, SeAnn. Have bought from them before and will buy from them again. A joy to deal with. Treat yourself. Worth every penny.

  3. Neill

    Step into Fight Club – don’t talk about it, but DO mention the awesome jackets!

    Great service and a fantastic quality bespoke leather jacket delivered to your door in an impressively quick time. I have coveted the Fight Club jacket for 15 years and finally have one to call my own. Now I just need 12 months of muscle toning and a schizophrenic breakdown to make my subversive, anti-corporate fantasy complete. Thanks Soulrevolver!

  4. Dorian, FR

    Too Class & very styler

    I ordered two leather jackets on SOUL REVOLVER. I asked many questi

    Regarding my orders, everything went well:
    The first jacket was a replica of Tyler Durden FIGHT CLUB from the movie Fight Club.
    I received it three days after the end of manufacture. Upon receipt, the packet was very well packaged and jacket in perfect condition.
    It is a marvel, it is even more beautiful than the pictures.
    After comparing with the real movie jacket, I can say that this is an exact replica: sewing done well, a thick, soft leather. Nothing to say, they did a remarkable job …

    The second jacket was a replica of Cyclops Cyclops of the movie X-Men 3.
    I also received 2 or 3 days after the end of manufacture. Upon receipt, the packet was very well packaged and jacket in perfect condition too.
    This jacket is a bomb, true to the pictures. On this jacket, the leather was thinner and more gentle, comfortable to wear, this is a pure masterpiece too!

    An additional positive point : despite several jackets from the same manufacturer, the leather have look different, which allows multiple styles of jackets.

    To conclude, I strongly recommend this site, I am completely satisfied.

  5. Meric, GB

    I ordered the fight club jacket with a lot of hesitation since a lot of bad copies are around on the internet, but in about less than two weeks I received my leather jacket and it was just perfectly done! It could not have been any better! The color is perfectly right and it perfectly fits! The cover for the jacket & etc were so professional…They do 100% complete job…
    You exactly get what you see on the website! not a bad copy of the photo and I highly recommend everyone.

  6. James, CA

    een many Fight Club replica jackets out there over the last 10 years and owned a few. This one is by far the most accurate but also such high quality which is something a lot of the replicas have missed. This is like a designer version and worth every penny.

  7. David Holloway, GB

    I bought this jacket 7yrs ago and it still looks as great as it did when it first arrived – yes, it’s aged and has some signs of wear and tear but, frankly, that only makes it look better. Remarkably, it also still fits despite my own slight increase in size, proving that a well-made jacket can last you years. I legitimately love this coat. If only I was as naturally cool as Tyler Durden…

  8. Alfredo, ES

    I just got my jacket today, the quality of the leather and the fit is amazing, nice work on it and very fast delivering it.

  9. Mark

    All I can say is…Wow! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on this jacket. You really stand out in a crowd when you wear it. The leather is soft and supple. The construction/stitching is world class. the fit is slekk and stylish. The value is incredible. I’ve priced similar jackets at other retailers and they are all at least $1000. I could not possibly be happier with this jacket.

  10. Charly, FR

    Just a word, perfect !
    I ordered this jacket as a big fan of Fight Club. I’m extremely satisfied !
    It’s fit perfectly and the jacket is really comfortable. The quality is here.
    Neat finishes and the color is really nice. Great job on this very accurate jacket.
    Thank you !

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