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Heist - 2XL

Mens Vintage Leather Jacket

Winchester - XL

Mens Brown Leather Coat

Wolverine - 3XL

Mens Leather Jacket - Calf

Iron Man - Motorcycle - XS

Mens Replica Motorcycle Jacket

Flint - Small

Mens Brown Leather Jacket

Wraith - 3XL

Mens Vintage Leather Jacket

Lynch - 3XL

Mens Leather Jacket

Winchester - Medium

Mens Brown Leather Coat

Nyx - 10

Womens Classic Leather Jacket

Bane - 2XL

Mens Shearling Coat

Forsaken - XL

Mens Black Leather Blazer

Cyclops - Medium

Mens Cafe Racer Jacket

Cafe Racer - Small

Mens Leather Jacket - Biker Style

Wesley - Large

Mens Replica Jacket

The Butchers Wife - 18

Womens Long Leather Coat

Daytona - Medium

Racer Style Leather Jacket

Hitman - 2XL

Mens Leather Jacket - Classic

Cafe Racer - Medium

Mens Leather Jacket in Calf

Cafe Racer - Large

Brown Leather Jacket

Grift - Large

Calf Leather Jacket

Origins - Large

Mens Brown Leather Jacket



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Our high-end luxury leather jackets crafted in Northern Italy.
Made from the highest quality lambskin available, in colours exclusive to Soul Revolver.


Premium, slim fit leather jackets made from soft yet durable full-grain cowhide.
These jackets are made outside of Italy, so naturally, the cost is less but the standard is still high.


Soft leather-like fabric made from polyurethane.
A great choice if you like our styles but do not wish to wear leather. Synthetic jackets are available in Black only.