A brief history of when we moved our production to Italy back in 2011;

We are moving our full line of leather jackets to Italy, where the quality will exceed the already high standards we have crafted for many years.

The jackets will also remain 100% Italian, to retain their near perfect quality.  There is a trend for many other factories in Italy to have jackets constructed in other countries, such as Romania, and then have them shipped back to Italy for final touches, allowing the company to use a ‘Made in Italy’ label.  This is not the case with Soul Revolver as production will begin and end in the same factory in Italy.

Improvements to the overall quality of the jacket include an adjusted cut for a better fit all round, especially over the shoulders, the curve in the lower back and the collar shape.  Another advantage of changing the cut means that the styles will be more accurate to the original designs too.

The improvements don’t end there though; the leather itself will be nappa (Nappa Zenith in Italian) and is one of the most expensive and highest quality nappa leathers available, although the thickness will remain the same as the current cowhide jackets (0.7 mm).

The reason for keeping the thickness the same as the current jackets is simple; there had been some concern that the new leather jackets would be thinner and lighter like a traditional Italian nappa jacket, but Soul Revolver quickly realised that it was important to keep the thickness and weight exactly the same as their loyal customers have become accustomed to.

The leather will also retain a very light sheen to it and not be flat or matte, which is common with nappa leathers, meaning the new range of Soul Revolver leather jackets will truly remain unique within the marketplace.