Six Leather Jackets With Soul

We highlight some of our favourite and best selling leather jackets from over the years, now available in Italian leather.

Now Crafted in Italy!

We are moving our full line of leather jackets to Italy, where the quality will exceed the already high standards we have crafted for many years.

Leather Jacket Quotes

Please enjoy some of our favourite leather jacket quotes from the world of show business and history over the years.

Fiction and Fashion Merge

We are blurring the line between fiction and reality by offering high quality leather jackets based on video game and comic book characters.

A Brief History of Leather Jackets

There is no doubt that the leather jacket is a cultural icon, but where did it start? Well, unfortunately the answer to that is not as clear as you would expect.

How To Wear A Leather Jacket

If you’re reading this blog then the likelihood is you either own a leather jacket or are very seriously considering purchasing one.

25 Years of Fight Club

Today we want to talk about Fight Club – a cult, now iconic movie and an absolute favourite of ours for many reasons: there’s a screwed up hero...

Vintage Style Reborn

Today Soul Revolver is going rogue and we’re going to talk about a passion of ours: Classic American Muscle & Pony cars.

Choose your chest measurement down the left column.
Then choose your height along the top row to find your size on the chart.

GREEN: This is your size
GREY: This is not ideal. It will fit but may need alteration
BLANK: There is no suitable size due to the chest/waist being too large/too tight or length being too short/too long.

Our jackets are based on average size male with waist measuring smaller than the chest.