Loyalty is a word which holds a lot of weight. It is a commitment to someone, or something. A faithfulness, a devotion; trust.

But where does loyalty come from? Spending time with someone, finding and developing a bond, love for someone or for something. Having a great experience which brings you back time and time again?

Whatever your reason for coming back to Soul Revolver, we thank you for it. We are glad we are able to produce a jacket for you which you love and makes you happy enough to return for another.

To show how much we appreciate you deciding on purchasing with us, we are adding Loyalty Points with each jacket purchase.

You will earn a different amount of Loyalty Points depending on the price of the jacket which you can then decide to use on a future purchase for a discount. The more jackets you buy, the more points you will earn, the bigger the discount.

You will need to make an account before making a purchase to earn Loyalty Points. You can see how many points you currently have in your account.

Loyalty Points will stay on your account indefinitely and can only be used/redeemed on SoulRevolver.com with a jacket purchase. If you return a jacket for a refund, you will lose your Loyalty Points.


Choose your chest measurement down the left column.
Then choose your height along the top row to find your size on the chart.

GREEN: This is your size
GREY: This is not ideal. It will fit but may need alteration
BLANK: There is no suitable size due to the chest/waist being too large/too tight or length being too short/too long.

Our jackets are based on average size male with waist measuring smaller than the chest.

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