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Mens Brown Leather Coat - Ranger
Mens Brown Leather Coat - Ranger

RangerMens Brown Leather Coat

One does not simply wear the garments of Aragorn. Unless of course you’re wearing a Soul Revolver Lord of the Rings replica leather jacket. Created with authenticity in mind, this duster has no buttons or front zipper fastener. Adding to the authentic look we used antiqued brown 100% Italian lambskin leather giving it that look that will leave you saying, “If by life or death I can save you, I will".
Antique Brown

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Antiqued Italian Leather Duster


Brown Italian Lambskin Leather

Mid Thigh Length Leather Jacket

Highly Detailed Stitching

Unique Duster Style

Two Interior Pockets







The Finest Leather From Italy Fit For a King

Mens Brown Leather Coat - Ranger
Reviews for Ranger
tl;dr? Scroll down.

I've been hankering for a Soul Revolver jacket for the better part of two years or so by now, and it's only recently I've actually been able to afford getting one. I bought the Ranger coat, one of their dearest but also one of their most unique-looking coats.

I've had an issue where their e-mails to me get rebuffed by my server for some reason, so after a few days of hearing nothing, they found me on Facebook to inform me of the issue and to set an alternate address. So far so good customer service! In the same exchange, SeAnn wanted to make absolutely sure I'd ordered the correct size. They have an extensive page they ask their customers to check out to make sure they have the right measurements, but I've been told that many many people don't check this page at all. So buyers: Check your sizes!

The sizing guide does not tell you HOW to measure yourself, so just make sure you google how to correctly measure your chest and other relevant areas. There are thousands of sites and Youtube videos out there that do this. If I had one recommendation to the good folk at SR it would be to find some videos they like on Youtube and link them from the page, even though - as they say - most people don't check it. It's good to have that to point to anyway, as it can be easy to get your measurements wrong if you've never done this yourself before.

Satisfied that I'd ordered the correct size, SeAnn sent my order through to be produced --all the jackets are produced to order rather than mass-produced and warehoused. Two weeks later, I get a shipping notice. One more day later, I get a jacket!

And it's gorgeous. The hand-stitched detail is beautiful, the feel and smell of the leather is distinctly high quality. it's thin and light, but not as thin as nappa leather often is, so it feels durable. The jacket fits me like a glove. There is some tightness around the arms if I'm wearing a winter jumper, but this is more of a summer jacket anyway, and the leather will settle to my arms with time. The length of the arms is exactly right for me and the shoulders are spot on. I couldn't be happier.

Just beware that if you've got massive biceps --compared to your chest, you might only be able to wear a t-shirt under it or have to get a size up. Dunno about their other models, though. Whatever your needs, SeAnn will be there to help you out.

SoulRevolver is a tiny company, and it's just a few people doing everything. And they do it all manually. Their presentation and website are super-slick, but don't let that fool you into thinking they're a huge, faceless company.

I have brought up some points in this review and I guess you could round it down to a four star review, but I really can and will recommend SR to everyone I know. I was really hoping they'd be as good as they look online, and I was not at all disappointed.

This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful jacket I own. Also, my most expensive one, but with SR, you get what you pay for and then some. I'm already saving up for my next one. Just make sure you check and double-check your measurements before ordering.
I am a huge fan of the LOTR movies and books, I remember ten years ago or more there was an official duster, I missed out on that but was so excited to find this one. I had a lot of help with sizing, this duster fits a lot like it looks on Aragorn in the film where it hangs and doesnt join at the front of the jacket, just sits open as it should do so as not to have excessive leather loose at the front, Soul Revolver really put a lot of thought into this design. The leather is soft and beautiful, the leather thread is exquisite craftsmanship. I love how the collar sits slightly upright giving a very stylish look. I love this coat and it actually works with jeans and a henley underneath, maybe not a shirt but definitely anything casual and very practical.
Hugo, GB

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