Leather Not Pleather


There are many benefits to a well-made leather jacket beginning with versatility. A leather jacket is one of the few clothing items that can make the transition from work to a night out, and anything in between.  It provides ideal warmth in wind, light rain, and night chill.  Motorcyclists wear them, not just to look cool, but for decent protection of their arms and torso in the case of an accidental bike spill. A jacket of quality leather will last forever, look better as it ages, and best of all, will always be in style.


A cheap leather jacket can ultimately be disappointing. The stitching may come out but even worse, cheap leather stays stiff despite many wearings, never providing the suppleness of worn leather that is one of a leather jacket's greatest advantages. Cheap leather may squeak when you move and radiate with the sheen of plastic as opposed to the deeper radiance of quality leather. (Excerpted from “About Leather Jackets” by Nina Makofsky, posted on www.eHow.com)

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