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If you’re reading this blog then the likelihood is you either own a leather jacket or are very seriously considering purchasing one. For either of these, firstly allow us to congratulate you on your decision. You have made an excellent, wise, fashion forward, always and forever a classic, never out of date, always relevant, so versatile, investment worthy decision.

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Today we want to talk about Fight Club – a cult, now iconic movie and an absolute favourite of ours for many reasons: there’s a screwed up, make that two screwed up heroes, an alternate heroine, cool fashion, a coming of dawn, a movie that flips our aspirations (albeit in a rather extreme manner), throws in some mind bending provocation, and then (spoiler alert) two heroes actually become one hero! We haven’t even started to talk about the beauty of the leather jackets in this movie and perhaps, what may be, the true reason for our minor obsession about this film!

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Today Soul Revolver is going rogue and we’re going to talk about a passion of ours: Classic American Muscle & Pony cars. Now we get that not everyone is a car geek, so we’ll start by telling you that a muscle car basically describes an American automobile with lots of power, modest weight, blazing acceleration and great design. The Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines muscle cars as ‘any of a group of American-made, 2-door, mid-size cars with powerful engines designed for high performance driving’. These powerful muscle cars thrive on their large naturally aspirated V8 engines, as opposed to say a Japanese turbocharged engine of today. Really hope we’re not losing you here – for those that are scratching their heads, rest assured it gets more reader friendly! The engine is fitted in a stylish 2-door, rear-wheel drive, mid-size cars designed for four passengers. These cars were affordable, family-sized and eye-catchingly cool. They were the epitome of the 1960s hip era.

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Weird Fashion Trends of 2018

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 Avoid Blade Runners While Wearing These


Happy New Year everyone! How was 2018 for you? We at Soul Revolver had an absolutely great year with even more of you appreciating our aesthetics and showing your love for our leather jackets.  We’re incredibly lucky to have such a loyal and let’s face it - fashionably discerning crowd on our side.  Thank you for 2018 but we intend to make 2019 even better for you guys with new leather jackets coming your way very soon. 

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The Finest Gift This Christmas

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There are now just a few days left until we at Soul Revolver are unable to deliver your amazing - really cant wait to have - gift yourself - beautiful Italian leather jackets in time for a Christmas delivery. We have done everything we can to help you guys alleviate the pain and cost of Christmas shopping.

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Soul Revolvers Gift List

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At Soul Revolver we know that Christmas brings its very own special breed of pain. Yup, it’s a time of joy, a time to be merry, a time for friends and family. Yes, Santa’s back, but it’s also a time to yet again figure out what to buy the men in your life. Ask a man what he wants and watch confusion distort their features. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. There comes a sad time in their lives when they stop wishing for a list of toys and instead claim that they no longer need anything.

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Find Your Iconic Hero Look

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Our leather replica of Agent K's coat from Blade Runner 2049


One sure thing that gives a movie action hero the edge is his leather jacket. Wouldn't it be great if you could wear one too? We take a look at famous movie jackets that you could own.

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What to Wear with a Mens Leather Jacket

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Sam Witwer wearing Driver


If you're looking for a mens leather jacket then you're making a great choice. This item isn't a style icon for nothing. But what should you wear your leather jacket with? We take a look at how to style one without looking like you're even trying.

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Top Telltale Signs of a High Quality Leather Jacket

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When buying a leather jacket, quality is of utmost importance. But how do you spot one that is high quality? Read on to learn the ten telltale signs of the best leather jackets.

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How to Wear a Leather Jacket & Look Stylish

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Sam Huntington looking good in his Soul Revolver Lynch leather jacket with a hoody and jeans


One of the great things about leather jackets is that they're so versatile. Read on to learn how to wear a leather jacket and look great.


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Our high-end luxury leather jackets crafted in Northern Italy.
Made from the highest quality lambskin available, in colours exclusive to Soul Revolver.


Premium, slim fit leather jackets made from soft yet durable full-grain cowhide.
These jackets are made outside of Italy, so naturally the cost is less but the standard is still high.