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Today's Vampire Isn't Complete Without The Leather Jacket


Vampires have been around forever.  We mortals just have short memories.   Not all that long before Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries we had Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire, Wesley Snipes in Blade, even George Clooney in the cult fave From Dusk til Dawn. Yeah, now you remember.    Even if you’re not fully on board with the current vampire craze, you can understand what makes vampires so appealing.  Dark, sexy and mysterious, they can be selfish and it’s not their fault.  They get to roam the earth to satisfy their hunger for love and blood. They never die! They always look good! Sign me up.

Speaking of looking good, we’ve noticed that vampire wardrobes have never looked better. That explains the many requests from fans for a leather jacket like the one worn so well by arrogant bad boy vampire Damon Salvatore as he goes for whatever he wants on the hit CW Television Network series The Vampire Diaries.

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Leather Jackets Pulled From The Screen


Soul Revolver is blurring the line between fiction and reality by offering high quality leather jackets based on fashions worn by video game and comic book characters.

Forms of Escape

Video games, comic books and fashion may have more in common that you might think. High fashion captures the imagination because it portrays fantasy. Think of what you see in a fashion magazine spread - perfectly proportioned models in impractical clothing, outrageous hair and outlandish make-up posing in otherworldly settings.  How different is that from the world of comic books and video games? They all  offer an escape from reality.  And while video games and comic books were once considered the domains of teenage boys and young men, that’s no longer the case.  According to the Entertainment Software Association, the average age of a video game buyer is 38 years old and 38% of them are women. It is not surprising that as these forms of fantasy and escape surge in popularity, elements are colliding and fusing.

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All Weather Leather

Excerpted from Sky TV's April 30, 2010 Entertainment Report

Leather is finding its way into the summer collections of today's trendiest designers, according to Sky TV's Entertainment Report as "designers  lust for leather knows no bounds."   Making an appearance on the runway for this summer season are leather shorts, skirts, dresses and boots in addition to the always in fashion leather jacket.

But if leather's your pleasure, a word of advice.  "Double denim may be in vogue but we're not quite ready for leather-on-leather. The fashion police will have you in handcuffs faster than you can say 'Village People.'   Try an oversized jersey T-shirt, vest or super-fine knit to create a soft ying to leather’s yang. "

When the air conditioning goes into overdrive this summer, try wearing your Soul Revolver leather jacket over your T-shirt to ward off the chill while still looking cool.

Undead & Stylish


On both hit television series The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, great fitting leather jackets have become the trademark of male and female characters.  Not surprisingly, viewers are asking how they can get the same look.  Interviewed by Entertainment, costume designer Jennifer Bryan provided her tips for picking out the perfect leather jacket.

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Protecting Your Leather Jacket


Every Soul Revolver leather jacket has a protective coating but try not to spill anything on it – like oil, blood, or hot ash (unless you like the look of course).

Don’t lend your jacket out to your mates (they won’t give it back).

Keep it out of the rain and away from water.

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Only The Highest Quality Leather


There are many benefits to a well-made leather jacket beginning with versatility. A leather jacket is one of the few clothing items that can make the transition from work to a night out, and anything in between.  It provides ideal warmth in wind, light rain, and night chill.  Motorcyclists wear them, not just to look cool, but for decent protection of their arms and torso in the case of an accidental bike spill. A jacket of quality leather will last forever, look better as it ages, and best of all, will always be in style.

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The Runaways Leather Jackets


In the movie "The Runaways," about the all girl-band of the same name, the character played by Kristen Stewart walks into a rockabilly boutique, dumps a bag full of change on the counter and demands "what he's wearing," pointing to a guy in a black leather motorcycle jacket and leather pants. Suddenly, high school girl Joan Larkin has transformed into Joan Jett.

Now, you can get what he’s wearing - authentic 1970’s vintage styling, in the best leather, cut to fit a woman’s body, from Soul Revolver.

Motorcycle Culture is reentering Women's Wear at full throttle! 

Designers have been revving up their collection this season with studded handbags, strappy boots, leather jackets and other items of "biker chic" - fashionable, motorcyclist-derived clothing that allows women to look tough without actually throwing a leg over.  (excerpted from The Los Angeles Times)

Check out our leather biker jackets for women.  Soul Revolver specializes in flattering, close-fitting leather jackets that complement women's curves, both on the road and off.

Centuries Of Style


There is no doubt that the leather jacket is a cultural icon, but where did it start? Well, unfortunately the answer to that is not as clear as you would expect and tracing its history can be as confusing as it is frustrating...

Some people claim that leather jackets were invented for aviators to wear on bombing raids in world war two; others say that they were around before then because they were popular with the Russian Bolsheviks and were worn by the commissars during the Russian civil war. The real truth is, simple forms of leather jackets have been around for centuries, ever since humans worked out how to strip and tan the hide from the animals they had hunted for food.

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