Custom Leather Jacket Orders




Do please note that we do not have a custom measurement service. We make jackets in size XS - XXXL. We ask for your measurements to help ensure you order the correct Soul Revolver size based on those measurements as we understand ordering clothing online is difficult so we are here to help and do our best to try and make sure you receive the correct size.


You may have heard we offered a custom service in the past. Soul Revolver jackets are not made in a factory environment but by individual Italian tailors and the cost to make a new pattern plus a jacket would be extremely high. The other reason we had to discontinue this was because we would find it very difficult to resell a custom measured jacket if the customer chose to return it. We would love to do this for you but unfortunately, it proved too costly in the past. Thank you for your understanding.


Blade Runner coat: Due to the extensive work in making this particular coat along with the high costs involved, it is not eligible for a refund. But, please don't worry, we will make sure everything is correct with your sizing before the coat is made for you.