Weird Fashion Trends of 2018

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 Avoid Blade Runners While Wearing These


Happy New Year everyone! How was 2018 for you? We at Soul Revolver had an absolutely great year with even more of you appreciating our aesthetics and showing your love for our leather jackets.  We’re incredibly lucky to have such a loyal and let’s face it - fashionably discerning crowd on our side.  Thank you for 2018 but we intend to make 2019 even better for you guys with new leather jackets coming your way very soon. 


At Soul Revolver HQ we couldn’t help but notice all the funny, laugh out loud fashionable trends that came up in 2018 and had us pulling our leather jackets tightly around us! We're going to have some fun today and recap some of the crazy trends that passed in 2018, and we do sincerely hope they have passed on, become extinct, is no more, has ceased to be, met its maker, resting in peace, kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain. It is, hopefully, ex-fashion.


Menswear had a huge moment last year when designers decided that there was more to men's fashion than neutrals. Menswear went technicolour with sequins thrown in for good measure. The less is more philosophy was thrown out of the window. In 2018 more was always more. Huge heartbreak occurred when our everyday staple, our trusted jackets were also tampered with and given a 2018 makeover.  Now instead of a beautiful, classic leather jacket, we were being offered flouncy jackets with sequins plastered all over them; or else baroque jackets with garish prints and colours; animal prints, snakeskin, leopard print, tiger print, you name it we saw it and yes it was painful. All was wrong with the world. It seemed like the jacket apocolypse was upon us. At Soul Revolver, we kept our heads down and gripped our leather jackets tighter than ever. 

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Fake Cheetah Print - Guaranteed To Make You Run Faster (Out of the Store)


Bum-bags or otherwise – fanny-packs, remember those? These stopped being the sole domain of lost tourists and parents on days out with children, who wore them for practicality and sensibility and certainly not for the way they looked. All of a sudden in 2018 they were everywhere, being worn by streetwear enthusiasts whose favourite place to adorn them was apparently around their necks. A trend that had died, when Mr Motivator left our screens and a certain Mr Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hired a better stylist, has now found its way back to us. 

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This Photo Will Haunt Him For The Rest of His Life


Remember those cartoon-like, chunky sneakers worn in the 80s and 90s and that tended to be the preferred footwear of dads or anyone practical, no we didn’t say geeks we said practical. Remember? Well last year they were back with a vengeance. The sneakers were loud, proud and ugly. The look was very orthopedic chic with one designer, Christopher Kane, going as far as to actually collaborate with an orthopedic company to produce his own take on the trend. Men and women alike embraced the trend, as fashionistas all over the world put their best foot forward in these dad inspired footwear; everyone from Kanye West to Bella Hadid showed off in them. But we know Soul Revolver customers are far more discerning with fashion trends and would have given this one a wide berth. Please say you did.

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Even Steve Jobs Would Pass On These


An absolute mad trend as you will have seen at the top of this blog, from last year was the see-through clothing that was out. It all started with the see-through knees on jeans but went very, very wrong when Topshop introduced the clear plastic skinny jeans designed to leave you exposed from waist to ankle! They were being described by the brand as a ‘statement piece that will get people talking’ - we would have to agree, they're certainly a statement, and will most definitely get people talking about you, especially as they're likely to make the wearer very hot and sweaty in all the wrong ways. But, don’t worry, you won’t be seeing any Soul Revolver leather jackets with any see-through panels any time soon. Can you believe several sizes became unavailable due to high demand. Come on now.


Another bizarre trend saw jeans cut and ripped within an inch of their life. The design also boasted a classy thong back and if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, you got to pay around £168 for the privilege of wearing these jeans. What's even more mind boggling is that these jeans actually sold out. We have yet to spot any one out in the wild wearing these though, which is a blessing. The term threads works well here, that's literally what you're buying. 

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 Small Change Not Advisable


So Hawaiian shirts were back! Who doesn’t like a loud, brash, slightly distasteful, very patterned, clashing shirt? Musicians, in particular, have always gotten away with wearing these ‘look at me’ shouty shirts; but then they're in the business of wanting to stand out from the crowd. But surprisingly, this trend gained momentum and took off and men everywhere embraced their inner ‘Ace-Ventura’. Also, very useful if you happen to throw-up on it while out drinking, no-one will ever notice. The smell may be a problem though. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a bit of colour and design on a shirt, see Tyler Durden for reference. We suggest, dial down the volume a little and throw on a leather jacket and all of a sudden you're fashionably relevant and turning heads for the right reason. 

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 Remember To Water Twice A Week


Tie dye – a happy playground of hipsters became more mainstream and everyone was at it. The ever-classic Levi denim jacket got a brand-new makeover and became tie dyed. Every regular clothing article had mini make overs by designers and celebrities keen to take this trend on. Our verdict is: If you’re going to choose a trend, we would much rather this, than the previously mentioned. Not truly offensive we would say, though a little hard on the eyes. But, as a caution, we do advise polaroid sunglasses. 

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Colour Explosion


The whacky trends were aplenty last year. They were difficult for us at Soul Revolver to look at – and so after our shock at the crazy that was 2018, we are now set about designing new leather jackets for you guys. There will be colour, some raw-cut edges, curved seams, and some new fabrics but we hope you agree, made lovingly and that you will find them, quite tasteful.

But dear readers, let's take a moment to raise our glasses to: substance over style, to calm over crazy, to quality over cheap, and to classic over a passing trend. 

Happy New Year – Soul Revolver.