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A Soul Revolver original mens leather jacket design influenced by the main armor set worn by the character Starkiller in the video game, The Force Unleashed. A unique style with our sci-fi influenced collar. Chest and upper back panels, representing the armor protection. Antiqued grey sleeve bands in place of the bandages on the original costume and gunmetal belt buckle are amongst some of the many details found on this leather jacket. We felt we went just far enough making this leather jacket very wearable without taking it too far into a costume piece.
Vintage Grey
Replaces Standard Acetate Lining For Our 80g Valtherm Quilted Thermal Lining For Extra Warmth.

Men's Size Guide


Soul Revolver Original


Vintage Grey Colours

Cream Cotton Lining

Fabric Cuff & Hem

Gunmetal Belt Clip & Rear buckles

Two Interior Pockets






Worn Here by Starkiller Himself, Sam Witwer

Reviews for Starkiller
starkiller jacket bought as a new …

starkiller jacket bought as a new motorcycle jacket.exceptional quality and fit is spot on considering that I wear an armoured vest under the jacket when biking but is still a perfect fit for casual wear.quality of the leather and construction compares with the top brands,very happy indeed so now I am off to my local bike cafe to show off.Need a new jacket-buy a soul revolver is all I can say.

perfect fit starkiller

Had been considering a jacket from them for a long time, and then I heard they were releasing a Starkiller based leather jacket. After it was released I kept putting off ordering one, since it's always a risk ordering garments online especially one with the premium quality of leather. Last thing I wanted was to order and be disappointed/stuck with a wrong size.

Finally this year I decided I would take the chance and ordered one. Got an email for confirmation of size/fit, which is top level service, most wouldn't care, and just proceed with fulfillment.

Jacket arrived a couple days ago, and I was floored with the quality and effort that went into it, both design and craftsmanship. The comments I've had from people the first two days wearing it reaffirms how great of a choice it was to get. Perfect fit!

If you're thinking on ordering one, don't hesitate, as you're only procrastinating looking great! This far nicer than off the shelf you'd find around my area at least. well worth it!

My third leather jacket from Soul Revolver, I chose something different. I dont usually like 'costume' wear but this was pretty subtle on that scale. Its a lot different to my other jackets. It has cotton on the cuffs which is a nice touch and the red stitching inside the sleeve cuff. Would recommend the craftsmanship to anyone wanting a luxury jacket.
Kelly, AU
Starkiller... of course I had to buy this jacket - Starkiller is my favorite Star Wars character ever created. My review may be a little biased as I'm fanboying here but the quality is amazing nonetheless. This one was perfect my casual comic-con costume and strangers in general public have asked me where I got this jacket - it's uniqueness draws attention and usually for the better.
Keven P., US
Keven Pangus

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