The Looper Leather Jacket


At Soul Revolver, so much of our design inspiration comes from our great love of movies. Obviously, we specialize in replicas and vintage leather jacket styles, but we get particularly fired up at the prospect of designing something futuristic. Movie set and costume designers face a big challenge ensuring that the imaginary future world they create is both believable and visually mind blowing. The era in which a story is set must make a huge difference to the overall task. Our guess is that the ideal “futuristic era” for fashion and style happens about forty or fifty years from now because that still allows a sprinkling of cool and classic features from our time – in jeans, footwear, jackets – to be mixed in with all the fantastic tech and motor gadgetry yet to be invented.

Even though this is a very simple example of what we mean, we think one of the all time great classic and futuristic fashion blending happened in iRobot with Will Smith’s old Converse sneakers worn under combat pants and his post apocalyptic rubber jacket. iRobot was set in 2035, but when a movie is set much further into the future, like Fifth Element or After Earth, designers are compelled to abandon a lot of the old iconic classic pieces that we love and commit to space age synthetics.

A few months ago we asked people to submit suggestions for which movie replica jacket we should design next. We were delighted when so many people suggested the leather jacket from Looper. As with almost every movie we see, the very first thing we noticed about the movie Looper was the rocking leather jacket. It’s a perfect mix of the vintage and replica jacket styles we specialize in and it has a clean, classic, form-fitting look that will always survive any fashion age. Even if it is 2074.


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The Looper jacket is available here. It is handcrafted in Italy with 100% nappa black leather.