True Motorcycle Jackets


 motorocycle jacket padding detail

Biker style jackets are a ubiquitous fashion choice across the globe, but they all originate from true motorcycle gear - thick, reinforced leather that is built to protect riders from the elements, and to shield their skin from impact in the awful event of a spill.

At Soul Revolver, we pride ourselves on our biker style fashion leather jackets - both our own original designs and the movie and game replicas we pay homage to. Still, we approached the task of designing and crafting our true motorcycle jackets as a matter of honour and principle. Our goal is to offer you the safest, most comfortable, highest quality biker jackets you can buy. From the scrupulous choosing of the CE approved protection to the most suitable and highest quality Italian leather.

We are chuffed to formally introduce our full motorcycle jacket line which includes thirteen designs ranging from the classic Cafe Racer to a replica based on the Dark Knight Crusader.


What Our Real Biker Jackets Are Made Of?


We select 1.2mm thick calf leather which is extremely durable, provides excellent protection yet still feels super comfortable to wear.  

We know that our true motorcycle jackets stand toe-to-toe with the most respected brand names out there in terms of quality and comfort. There are many motorcycle jackets on the market today which are mass produced with no real care for your protection or comfort sold by manufacturers interested only in taking your hard earned cash. We know this to be true because of our research and the fact that we are sent many free samples from factories in Pakistan, India and China who want our business. Obviously, the mass producing route is the logical path to higher profit and lower consumer prices - but that's not how we operate. Every last Soul Revolver biker jacket is designed in London and hand crafted as a single unit, upon order, in a small craftshop in Italy. Each jacket gets the utmost care and attention to detail and in terms of design you'll find that each one carries sufficient uniqueness to separate it out from the mass market versions available.

The true motorcycle jackets we offer come in sizes from XS to XXXL, all are in black, some with red or white detailing. The biker jackets come with full shoulder and elbow protection; all with removable thermal lining and most with an extra compartment for back support.

The Soul Revolver men's biker jacket line is on display and available for purchase here