There Can Be Only One

You know in your gut that some leather jackets are better than others. Some just look cheap, others cost a fortune. But what happens in the in-between? How do you distinguish bad from better from best?  If you have a minute, maybe you can take a crash course in Leather Jackets 101 courtesy of Soul Revolver.

100% Made in Italy

Italian law 166/2009 article 16 states that using the phrase "100% Made in Italy" is only possible if the product is completely manufactured in Italy. All Soul Revolver leather jackets are made in Italy, and to the highest standards. You can trust that anything we offer has not been thrown together on the cheap somewhere and then sent to Italy for superficial finishing. From start to finish, every single Soul Revolver leather jacket is expertly crafted by our highly skilled and greatly experienced Italian factory...

Stolen Images

Copyright theft is one of the pesky risks of doing business online. All images you see from Soul Revolver are conceived, photographed and owned by us. If you see these images elsewhere used by any company that is not Soul Revolver, you can be certain that the product being sold is not what you see in the image and therefore not what you will receive when you order. It's just not possible to deliver a leather jacket at the standard we do as mass production knock-offs. Soul Revolver leather jackets are custom made exclusively by us - so that beautiful light sheen you see, the intricate way the leather is stitched, and the carefully tailored fit you get for every size is only possibie with a Soul Revolver leather jacket.

Our styles are being copied on the internet - or at least, our images are being used by low-end web based retailers to sell some mysterious leather jackets. We can only imagine what kind of  junk actually arrives in the box.  Rather than just whine that our hard work is being stolen, we're taking action to deal with the culprits.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case, we'd rather do without the flattery.

Italian Leather

We use the highest quality Italian Nappa leather. Inferior leather is often pieced together with hide from the legs and other parts. This is how some manufacturers get to claim they are using 100% leather when selling at relatively low prices. To save money, other manufacturers sometimes use good leather for a focal part of a jacket and then deploy inferior leather elsewhere, such as inside the collar or around the zipper.  We at Soul Revolver believe that the devil is in the details. We only use the highest quality Italian leather throughout every pore of our leather jackets.

Vintage Style

Those 70's leather jackets look so damn good don't they? When you find that awesome vintage jacket in a charity shop or thrift store, it's like stumbling upon on a piece of treasure. Pity that it smells a bit like cheese and the sleeves aren't quite long enough. Well, you could have it cleaned, which could cost more than the jacket itself . Or you could go around with the new nickname Wensley Dale. Well, we love vintage style too and that is our specialty. We design jackets that look like they were pulled straight off the hanger in the 1970's. Sure, you can find retro jackets in other stores but they usually take it a bit too far - add a zip here or something fancy, turning it from true vintage to retro modern high street. We like to keep our jackets classic, giving a stylish, minimalistic look. When you put this with our slim cut and italian leather, it all works perfectly. Adding anything more to the style is  too over the top and flashy. Wear our jackets to the mall, to work or a party. They fit anywhere and transform your look into great style.

Modern Style

We understand vintage is not for everyone so we offer a range of modern leather jacket styles. Still we maintain a timeless classic look so our leather jackets will survive fashion trends.

Movie Replica Jackets

We love movies. We can sit there, watch a good film eating huge buckets of sweet and salted popcorn until it's all gone so we have to dip our mucky fingers into yours instead. Not hot dogs though, who eats a hot dog in the cinema? Why not just bring your dinner next time? Sit there with a meat pie and peas, munching away in the dark and seeing how much of it you dropped on yourself when the lights go up. What was I talking about? Oh yes, movie replica jackets. We love creating leather jackets inspired by our favorite films, tv shows or video games - and we're always open to creating our customers' favorites also. We work hard to produce the perfect screen replica leather jacket for you. A jacket that looks like it was pulled straight out of wardrobe direct from the big screen. You can be sure that we scrutinise every single detail on your behalf.

Motorcycle Jackets

Soul Revolver motorcycle jackets are made from 1mm calf leather with armour protection added in the shoulders and elbows. There is a pocket in the back of the jacket for you to add your desired back support. We also include a zip-in thermal quilted vest. Our motorcycle jackets give you a cut close to the body but still allow for freedom of movement as well as protection on the open road. You can even remove the armour and wear the jackets off the bike as they look great either way. Our Italian factory have made the finest 100% Made in Italy motorcycle jackets you won't find anywhere else.

Biker Style Jackets

So why not get a biker jacket? True motorcycle jackets are designed to wear while riding but are usually too bulky to wear generally.  Soul Revolver takes a cue from motorcycle style and starts with durable, breathable leather. Then we make it our own by having the leather skimmed, or thinned down for street wear.  After years of testing we’ve hit on the perfect thickness to achieve optimal styling, quality and fit.  If you like the look of motorcycle jackets but don’t need the protection, try a motorcycle style jacket.

Don’t go too thin, or thick

Some leather, even expensive nappa leather, can be too soft and thin for what some would call a good leather jacket. Leather that's papery and extra supple lacks durability and can easily lose its shape, particularly in the shoulders and sleeves. The same can be said for thick leather - yes, it may survive the apocalypse but if you can't easily bend your arms or sit whilst wearing it how will you reach your Samurai sword when approached by a lumbering zombie? Soul Revolver leather jackets are constructed of high quality, long-lasting Italian nappa leather that is not too thick, and not too thin. These leather jackets fit well and they look great. Our leather is made exclusively for us and is a touch thicker than the usual thin Italian fashion leather jacket, but not so thick to be stiff or uncomfortable. Imagine holding up a thin jacket beside a thick one. What you really want is something in between - durable, comfortable and looking just right. That's what you'll find with Soul Revolver Italian leather.

So now you know

Soul Revolver leather jackets are 100% Made in Italy at time of order and personally inspected before delivery to you.  A ready to buy now leather jacket may be a nice fast order but Soul Revolver delivers something very special that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. We give you the highest designer standards without the inflated price. You receive Italian nappa leather that is not too thick nor too thin with a wonderful light sheen made exclusively by us. You get a classic style, with just the right amount of detail; an expertly tailored cut that fits just right; made by experienced Italian craftspeople who take great pride in their work to bring you the finest leather jacket you will ever own.